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No subsystemFeatureCPP-13477Support and Bundle CMake 3.12
BugCPP-13505Quick-fix "Function is not implemented" has incorrect range including comment
UsabilityCPP-12976Gradle support: Put Gradle item after Toolchains and CMake in Build, Execution, Deployment
BuildBugCPP-13085Compilation database status doesn't report error if compile command is not valid
Code: Highlighting and InspectionsFeatureCPP-12398Inspect argument selection defects
BugCPP-13526"Disable inspection action for function/file" is not working for ArgumentSelectionDefects
TaskCPP-13301Run "Argument selection" inspection in a separate clang-tidy pass
ToolchainsBugCPP-13517Running build with WSL toolchain fails due to whitespace in path
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-192438Underline is always bold underline
Packaging and InstallationBugIDEA-194822Incorrect sed command in non OS_TYPE Linix libyjpagent check breaks non Linux startup
TerminalBugIDEA-173259fish plugin functions do not work on macOS in built-in terminal
User InterfaceFeatureIDEA-163208Add support for MacBook Touch Bar (Magic Toolbar)
BugIDEA-193777Cannot switch on 'Show function keys on touchbar' feature
BugIDEA-194716Fatal error reporting with optional files not working correctly
BugIDEA-193115TouchBar: dropdown values are not selectable
BugIDEA-194712Messages tool window header is missing "Collapse/expand all" icons
ExceptionIDEA-193393TouchBar: exception is thrown after cancelling Project Structure window
User Interface. DarculaCosmeticsIDEA-191671Mac menu icons don't handle Darcula well
Version ControlUsabilityIDEA-192073Missing 'Expand All/Collapse All' icons in VCS Local changes
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-194449New Git root is not detected until restart, if added externally as a submodule or under a new subdirectory
UsabilityIDEA-144948Branch list in Git Rebase dialog should include remote branches
UsabilityIDEA-144072Sort order of branch names in git branches drop-down lists is not alpha-numerical (Rebase, Branch Widget etc)
Code InsightBugPY-30287Pycharm does not infer overloaded signatures from super classes and does not consider them for code generation
BugPY-29220Sub class attributes navigation
DebuggerBugPY-29051Breakpoints don't work, after first hit, on lines that throw exceptions
FormatterTaskPY-29655Migrate usages of CodeStyleSettingsManager to PsiFile-based CodeStyle API
InspectionsBugPY-30335Inspection "Argument passed to function is equal to default parameter" doesn't work with built-in functions.
BugPY-30016False Positive: Module in setuptools "tests_require" not listed in project requirements
BugPY-27306Missing whitespace before "Possible callees" in warnings.
BugPY-27972Incorrect warning and underscores when importing types
BugPY-30423Wrong warning "Dictionary contains duplicate keys" if key has different type
BugPY-15949Wrong type after joining pathlib.Path via __truediv__ method
BugPY-29153PyCharm doesn't recognise install_requires in if it is a tuple
BugPY-29863False positive when "islice" explicit argument "start" is None
BugPY-22845inspector: wrong "Expected type 'Union[str, bytes, int]', got 'Path' instead" for python3.6
BugPY-25325HTML code displayed in inspection results
BugPY-30450ssl.CERT_NONE Reference Error
BugPY-28155(False Positive) Expected type 'IO' got 'StringIO' instead
Interpreters SettingsFeaturePY-26492Add pipenv support
BugPY-30540Can't create Django project with Pipenv
BugPY-30571File chooser for Pipenv executable doesn't work
UsabilityPY-30577It's impossible to set Pipenv executable from the new project screen
CosmeticsPY-30573Add wrapping for pipenv lock/update suggestion
Test RunnerBugPY-30529pytest-bdd: Fixtures are not provided for step definitions
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