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BuildBugCPP-12989CLion might stop resolving code correctly, if cmake workspace storage is corrupted
BugCPP-12614Message tool window is shown after Run program with warning
Code: Highlighting and InspectionsBugCPP-12999clangd: Inspection of Code for Project/Directory/File misses Clang-tidy warnings
Code: IndexingBugCPP-12787Error on saving CMake workspace
Code: NavigationPerformanceCPP-7168CLion freezes navigating to related symbol (from .h to .cpp)
Code: RefactoringsBugCPP-12979clangd: quick fix of clang-tidy warning erases fixed line when file contains comment with non-ascii symbols
DebuggerBugCPP-11330Stopping a debug session might lead to waiting for a write lock in EDT
Debugger: GDBBugCPP-12367GDB doesn't work on macOS Sierra and higher
Dynamic Analysis ToolsBugCPP-13013Run with Valgrind doesn't launch Memcheck for Gradle Native Application configuration
Project ModelFeatureCPP-1206Support for compilation database format
Project and File WizardsUsabilityCPP-13007When 'Import from Existing Sources' is pointed to an existing CMakeLists.txt, it should offer opening the project
UsabilityCPP-13132Import project from sources: allow selecting a file on linux/windows (to enabled import of Gradle and other build systems)
ToolchainsBugCPP-12968CLion fails to detect WSL with Ubuntu 18.04
Diff_MergeBugIDEA-187715Local history ignore encoding settings and show wrong diff.
UsabilityIDEA-90565Diff View:git: do not show LF|CRLF when I have option "automatically convert line separators" on
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-191654Presentation mode: Editing injected fragment in external editor does not propagate changes to file
BugIDEA-182771Editor: Split Vertically resets scroll and caret position
BugIDEA-191750Expand selection (ctrl+w) doesn't work correctly for case statements
UsabilityIDEA-191765soft wrap for active editor switches off
File SystemPerformanceIDEA-191007Too large buffer passed to ReadDirectoryChangesW seriously impacts Windows file system performance
Find, Replace, Find UsagesBugIDEA-170585Disable tooltip for regex find
JavaScriptBugIDEA-190826@NotNull method com/intellij/lang/javascript/nashorn/library/NashornJSLibraryProvider$1.compute must not return null
Packaging and InstallationUsabilityIDEA-191432Force "Download and install JRE x86 by JetBrains" and "32-bit launcher" options when installing on 32-bit system
CosmeticsIDEA-191997com.intellij.updater.Runner usage message for Runner install <folder>
TaskIDEA-192733Update bundled JDOM to 2.0
TaskIDEA-166447Provide separate application icon for EAP distributions
TerminalBugIDEA-118871Integrated terminal doesn't scroll to bottom on "movement-keys"
UsabilityIDEA-186170Enter key in terminal doesn't scroll down
CosmeticsIDEA-126617Resizing terminal moves caret
User InterfaceFeatureIDEA-163208Add support for MacBook Touch Bar (Magic Toolbar)
BugIDEA-192055Focus goes nowhere after breakpoint popup
BugIDEA-192713focus is lost on opening Find Usages tool window
BugIDEA-192691Wrong title of JetBrains Privacy Policy window
BugIDEA-192029Touch bar blinks when scrolling the file
BugIDEA-191807Cannot paste file into Scratches
BugIDEA-192720Selection in Local changes resets when context menu invoked via keyboard
BugIDEA-154988No default icon suggested on adding buttons to main toolbar
BugIDEA-191613Structure tool window steals focus (regression)
BugIDEA-190646Tool Window tabs revision
BugIDEA-191708VersionControl: visual garbage on the very first opening of VersionControl toolwindow
UsabilityIDEA-191361Exception dialog is too tall
UsabilityIDEA-190363Improve UI of 'Third Party Software' list
UsabilityIDEA-192075IDE Fatal Errors dialog - cannot copy/analyze stacktrace
CosmeticsIDEA-191985Speed search is truncated
TaskIDEA-192417Provide an API for adding status bar widgets
Version ControlFeatureIDEA-120755Local changelists: apply background scope colors for files as in other views
BugIDEA-192203keymap "Xcode" not found warnings on startup from Git4Idea & hg4idea
BugIDEA-192552CloneDvcsDialog#prependToHistory: Cannot use this method with a non-Mutable data model
BugIDEA-191782No tooltip for new button containing "ignore" actions in Changes view
Version Control. GitFeatureIDEA-192369Allow configuring VCS icon group in "Appearance & Behavior | Menus and Toolbars"
FeatureIDEA-74492Git: Checkout tag or revision: provide a list of available tags in combobox
FeatureIDEA-192678Multiple Github accounts: show login dialog if attempt to perform the remote operation fails
BugIDEA-191656Git commit history with control characters causes intellij to spin, consuming CPU and repeating the same stack in the idea.log
BugIDEA-192800Allow force push is available in Find action but does nothing
BugIDEA-191309Commit failed with error
BugIDEA-192906Git Push with Rebase puts all changes into the Default changelist
CosmeticsIDEA-168642Git remote editor doesn't resize properly
Version Control. LogExceptionIDEA-191967Throwable at com.intellij.vcs.log.impl.VcsLogTabsWatcher.closeLogTabs
Version Control. PerforcePerformanceIDEA-192097Too many threads spawned by reading Perforce command outputs from refreshing File History
DebuggerFeaturePY-14181Attach to processes where python is embedded, not just python.exe
Test RunnerFeaturePY-27628Use "--last-failed" to rerun failed tests in py.test
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