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Code: CompletionBugCPP-122872018.1 EAP fails to auto complete enum variable in if statement
BugCPP-12491Auto-complete regression in declarations
Code: GenerationBugCPP-12188"Generate definition" removes focus from editor
Code: Highlighting and InspectionsFeatureCPP-11744Highlight non-trivial unused constructors
BugCPP-12428Casting in constructor call
BugCPP-5345Invalid inspection 'Class is never used'
BugCPP-12504False error "Binary operator can't be applied..." using function from iomanip library (clang)
BugCPP-12526Code analysis bug for forward declaration implemention in a pimpl pattern (regression as this works in 2017.3)
BugCPP-12480Uninitialized warning for struct with no data members
BugCPP-12515std::cin argument may be not initialized
Code: IndexingBugCPP-12082Regression, structure member is not resolved
Code: ResolvingBugCPP-12321Friend functions are resolved without ADL
BugCPP-11877Enumeration type will not select overloaded function candidate with ellipsis conversion argument
BugCPP-11839Incorrect specialization of a member function is chosen
BugCPP-3415Incorrect parser errors when using gmock
BugCPP-12290Resolve leads to infinite recursion
BugCPP-12534std::exception_ptr, Instantiating an unknown structure without a reference
BugCPP-12570False error for qualified struct when class nested class forward declaration and using-declaration is used
Project ModelBugCPP-12521Cmake project is loaded automatically when reopen project after Unload
ConsoleUsabilityIDEA-189608Handle possible misconfiguration of loopback interface in case of connection problems (connection timeouts)
IndicesBugIDEA-190677OOME while indexing images in TeamCity project
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