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No subsystemPerformanceCPP-12519WSL: Loading CMake project takes forever
Code: ParsingBugCPP-12079Project with libxml2 shows good code red (typedef)
Debugger: GDBBugCPP-6744'command timeout' when error happens on the launch on the target
BugCPP-9705GDB for PowerPC reports frame address as decimal
BugCPP-5082GDB doesn't show elements of nonempty std::map
BugCPP-7166GDB: Pretty printed variables are not updated on stepping
BugCPP-7574GDB: Inconsistent values reported for references when stepping
BugCPP-7720Debugger doesn't show container values if breakpoint is set on first modification line
BugCPP-11635GDB hangs trying to pretty-print out-of-scope reference variable
Project ModelBugCPP-12477Add notification "Cmake project isn't loaded" in source files after unload cmake project
ToolchainsFeatureCPP-12196WSL: custom paths for tools: CMake, compilers
RunningFeatureCPP-3919Navigate to source from the debugger console output
BugCPP-9598Analyze stack trace does not recognize file paths properly
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-186636Keystrokes lost during freezing
BugIDEA-188667arg postfix template removes the line part after the invocation point
BugIDEA-188877'<unknown> file changed' error message on undo
Find, Replace, Find UsagesUsabilityIDEA-175973Enter file name search popup is not closing itself after losing focus when no value available in textbox.
HTML.PreviewBugIDEA-184915IntelliJ doesn't rescale an SVG properly after editing its viewbox property
Task ManagementBugIDEA-187507Cannot save Trello integration settings in 2018.1
ExceptionIDEA-188672Impossbile to create any generic based repostitory in the recent EAP builds due to problems with serialization
TerminalExceptionIDEA-187084StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when execute Jest ui test
User InterfaceBugIDEA-180725Background Image is not set for the RemoteHosts toolwindow if there are no selected hosts
CosmeticsIDEA-174261"Unused declaration" inspection settings has ugly buttons
Version ControlBugIDEA-188319Partial Commit: Pre-commit changes by "Update Copyright" hook will not be committed when committing non-active changelist
BugIDEA-188502Commit Window Automatically Scrolls Back and Forth While Clicking
BugIDEA-188501Partial Commit: "Git | Revert" action reverts changes, that are excluded by checkboxes
PerformanceIDEA-188192File History view periodic refresh causes synchronous VCS queries under modal dialogs
ExceptionIDEA-188593ISE at com.intellij.openapi.vcs.changes.ui.CommitChangeListDialog.$$$reportNull$$$0
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-188650Git: Partial Commits: for some changes the diff preview is wrong
BugIDEA-123397Git: History for file doesn't show anything before the move if there were too many changes in the commit that moved the file
BugIDEA-188681Partial commit does not work for old git (1.x)
Code InsightBugPY-21191Support parenthesised and arbitrary nested comma separated types in type comments for unpacked targets
BugPY-28512PyRemoveParameterQuickFix leaks TypeEvalContext
BugPY-28046Add "await" to async parent class method call after method overriding
BugPY-21195Injections in type comments that combine type hint with a subsequent comment
ConsoleBugPY-28948Scientific Project Starts Python Console with System Python
BugPY-27356Console very slow/practically unusable after loading relatively big dataset
DebuggerFeaturePY-27900Show string representation for small numpy arrays with "Load Values Asynchronously"
BugPY-14256"Copy value" on variable in debugger does not copy pandas data frame value
BugPY-27651Provide Cython extensions for Python 3.7
BugPY-28896An experimental option with ability to filter processes in "Attach to Local Process" action
BugPY-28188Garbage output in stderr prevents Remote Debugger from connection
UsabilityPY-26101Don't evaluate current line while Jump to cursor
UsabilityPY-28557Can't add exception breakpoints for builtin exceptions
EditingBugPY-28808"Add type hint to variable ..." intention inserts syntactically illegal type hint for empty tuples
BugPY-16176Auto import on `time.time` wants to import `time` from `datetime`
BugPY-28772"Add type hint to ..." intentions insert wrong type hints in case of generics parametrized only with Any
UsabilityPY-28715"Add variable type hint" intention should insert object instead of Any for variables with unknown type
UsabilityPY-28752Source module/package name is truncated to its last component in auto import for existing "from" import
FormatterBugPY-27954Installing mypy in a virtualenv makes Optimize Imports treat some stdlib modules as third-party
InspectionsBugPY-28321Import statement does not respect Source Root order
BugPY-9634Unresolved attribute: false positive after if isinstance
BugPY-27949annotated Dict do not get their types checked
BugPY-28562MRO for implicit new-style classes not resolved correctly
BugPY-23003False positive: Redeclared <var> defined above before usage
BugPY-27518False positive: class does not define __await__ for numpy docstrings
BugPY-28686AutoImportQuickFix leaks psi
BugPY-20197Flase positive for unused import when inside of class
BugPY-27788Assignment of overload function loses overloads
BugPY-28897"Expected BlockManager got Dict" false positive for pandas.Series
BugPY-28720False positive warning about abs(numpy.array)
BugPY-28053Type checker confuses hashlib.md5 with deprecated md5 module
BugPY-27596"Fix all 'package requirements' problems in file" generates extremely redundant list
BugPY-24750False negative: Unreachable code inspection does not catch simple if False blocks
Interpreters SettingsUsabilityPY-28452Gear icon for selecting existed interpreter should be replaced
ParsingBugPY-15360SyntaxError: editor allows comma after **kwargs, but Python raises SyntaxError
BugPY-23189False negative: for-else-continue is misunderstood by parser
Test RunnerFeaturePY-17391Show test icons in the gutter like in IntelliJ for Java
BugPY-28757tox 3.0 does not work
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