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Debugger: GDBFeatureCPP-2496GDB STL smart pointer rendering
FeatureCPP-8137Bundle GDB built with multiarch support
BugCPP-630Support debugging 32bit binaries on 64bit linux
BugCPP-5082GDB doesn't show elements of nonempty std::map
BugCPP-6828GDB pretty printers don't work for std::string and std::list with GCC-5 and higher
BugCPP-7331GDB Pretty printers are not called for iterators
BugCPP-9544GDB: Remote debug doesn't work if mi-async mode is not supported
BugCPP-11627ARM Linux remote debug error
BugCPP-11943GDB Failed to find the specified frame ($fp is 0x0 on Bochs gdbserver)
BugCPP-11966GDB shows wrong type when fields are optimized out
DebuggerFeatureCPP-9609The ability to set a custom debugger with MinGW
BugCPP-12304System gdb isn't suggested for new toolchain
BugCPP-8586Watches show multidimensional array as int * *
BugCPP-10363GDB crashes when adding an array to watches
BugCPP-10883Accept uninitialized const variable if declared as extern "C"
BugCPP-12043No error when running debug configuration if no debugger is specified in toolchains
Version ControlBugIDEA-188319Partial Commit: Pre-commit changes by "Update Copyright" hook will not be committed when committing non-active changelist
BugIDEA-188501Partial Commit: "Git | Revert" action reverts changes, that are excluded by checkboxes
Code InsightBugPY-21195Injections in type comments that combine type hint with a subsequent comment
BugPY-21191Support parenthesised and arbitrary nested comma separated types in type comments for unpacked targets
BugPY-28046Add "await" to async parent class method call after method overriding
ConsoleBugPY-28948Scientific Project Starts Python Console with System Python
DebuggerBugPY-27651Provide Cython extensions for Python 3.7
InspectionsBugPY-9634Unresolved attribute: false positive after if isinstance
BugPY-28720False positive warning about abs(numpy.array)
BugPY-27949annotated Dict do not get their types checked
BugPY-27596"Fix all 'package requirements' problems in file" generates extremely redundant list
Interpreters SettingsUsabilityPY-28452Gear icon for selecting existed interpreter should be replaced
ParsingBugPY-15360SyntaxError: editor allows comma after **kwargs, but Python raises SyntaxError
BugPY-23189False negative: for-else-continue is misunderstood by parser
Test RunnerFeaturePY-17391Show test icons in the gutter like in IntelliJ for Java
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