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No subsystemTaskCPP-11205Bundle CMake 3.9.6
BuildBugCPP-11266Stop build button is disabled when building second target
UsabilityCPP-42Report CMake build progress
UsabilityCPP-10830Add stop button on CMake build console
Code: GenerationBugCPP-10034Generate function from usage doesn't respect template parameters
Code: Highlighting and InspectionsBugCPP-11206False redefinition error for template function specialization definition
BugCPP-10787Spurious "Initializer string is too long for array of chars" when concatenating string literals
Code: ResolvingBugCPP-11292False "no matching constructor" error when template class inherits constructor
BugCPP-10933Type of objects constructed with constructors explicitly inherited by using-declarations have wrong type inferred for method lookup.
Project ModelBugCPP-11000Opening CMake project silently fails, when CMakeCache.txt present, but point to wrong source dir
RunningBugCPP-11063CLion doesn't choose build type after delete/create it
BugCPP-11064Can't create run/debug configuration for custom configuration for all targets if some targets are not available under this custom configuration
BugCPP-11244Shared run configuration: store path to executable as relative to project dir
BugCPP-11294Run configuration can't be rerun after toolchain switching
ToolchainsUsabilityCPP-10998Improve error messages when cmake/compilers/debuggers are not installed in Cygwin/MinGW (packages not installed)
UsabilityCPP-11020Automatically generate toolchain name and update it when the user switches between cygwin/mingw etc
UsabilityCPP-11506Allow to copy toolchain name from settings window
Unit Testing: CatchFeatureCPP-10521Support Catch 2.0
Diff_MergeBugIDEA-182059Diff Window file order is different from the file order in Local Changes tool window (path is ignored)
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-180895Redundant parameter hint showing
BugIDEA-182852Editor antialiasing is not honored in inline diff
BugIDEA-180934When setting the Live Template context to "Other", it's changed to "Everything"
BugIDEA-181964When using variable-width font, {@code} block in javadoc are not distinguished
BugIDEA-179753"Undo" action can be invoked from "Undo" confirmation dialog
Find, Replace, Find UsagesFeatureIDEA-72543I would like the ability to configure the max file size to 'Find in Path'.
BugIDEA-182289'Replace All' dialog interprets find/replace contents as HTML
UsabilityIDEA-182181Replace in Path: Replace All dialog: unable to switch between OK and Cancel from keybord
UsabilityIDEA-175611Search Window: Usability Recursive Search
IndicesBugIDEA-182151Deadlock processing stub indices called from StubIndexImpl.processAllKeys
BugIDEA-182066Old value is left in stub index when file becomes large
BugIDEA-182716Indexing sometimes stops progressing
Packaging and InstallationBugIDEA-162504The windows executable is missing the build number in file details
BugIDEA-117135Silent installer doesn't write to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall
BugIDEA-159117Silent Install Switch Doesn't Work
BugIDEA-181598Setup dialog: visual glitch in Create Associations pane
BugIDEA-154213Win10 Installer issue, obsolete shortcuts left under programs list
BugIDEA-157045Support silent installation for local system user
BugIDEA-179657Problems with test labels in DMG on macOS High Sierra
BugIDEA-144263PyCharm Educational Edition silent installation
BugIDEA-160684Intellij IDEA Setup Windows EXE does not allow idea64.exe to be configured (on 64bit platforms)
BugIDEA-171703PyCharm Silent install (/S) creates neither start menu nor uninstall entries
BugIDEA-169935Silent install (/S) on Windows always installs as current user only
BugIDEA-146215SILENT Install should use admin parameters
TaskIDEA-156081Create icon for running idea on 64-bit JVM from start menu on windows 8/10
Task ManagementBugIDEA-180834Unable to update issue state from "Open Task" dialog
User InterfaceBugIDEA-95435No "exclamation sign" on the welcome screen
BugIDEA-183041Background image, displayed "plain", getting clipped after 2017.3 update
BugIDEA-182339"Show in explorer" doesn't work if invoked on file with "=" character in name
BugIDEA-182423ShowInExplorer doesn't work for files that contain double blank space symbols
BugIDEA-180135UI scale factor is wrong on Windows with latest EAP
BugIDEA-154559'Git Reset' dialogue looks weird on Linux Mint
BugIDEA-149061Tool Window docking issue
UsabilityIDEA-181836settings plugin list divider issue
Version ControlBugIDEA-183003If a file is renamed and not committed, and another file is created with old name, deleting the renamed file deletes both files
BugIDEA-183047Author colum in File history is not sortable anymore
UsabilityIDEA-179175Unclear 'Branch context has been loaded' message
Version Control. LogBugIDEA-177754Too many processes indexing the git repo
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-182042Rewording latest commit adds staged files to the commit, if Git < is used
BugIDEA-123397Git: History for file doesn't show anything before the move if there were too many changes in the commit that moved the file
BugIDEA-181724Unclear (wrong?) "Error updating changes: fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories)"
BugIDEA-182022Git interactive rebase dialog is broken for Git < 1.8.0
Code InsightBugPY-26978Wrong completion for argument names if a function has tuple parameters
BugPY-27178PyCharm hangs on autocomplete
BugPY-4351Type Checker: detect type for named tuple unpacking
BugPY-21864Type annotation ahead of time not working
BugPY-24990Type hinting – cannot annotate self/cls
ConsoleBugPY-21426Can't saw script output with Remote Interpreter and "Show command line afterwards" option
BugPY-21792Python Console stopped working
BugPY-24880Waiting for REPL response when python console using IPython
BugPY-27090"Show command line afterwards" doesn't allow to run modules
BugPY-26479No interactive output from python console
BugPY-27009Python Console doesn't work with Python 2.6
BugPY-27033The return value of os.getcwd() with "Show command line afterwards" is not the same with the usual run, anymore
BugPY-20950"Show command line afterwards" setting ignores "Use IPython if available"
BugPY-27394Function input() doesn't work with "Show command line afterwards"
DebuggerBugPY-26584Debugger strips '-m' flag from script params and assumes it was meant for the interpreter.
BugPY-27227"Jump To Cursor" action is missed
BugPY-26800Can't attach to local process on macOS with Python 3.6
BugPY-26465Limit number of threads when evaluating variables asynchronously
PerformancePY-19215Cython debugger binaries should be built for Python 2.6
BugPY-27354Debugger fails to load Variables since update to 2017.3
BugPY-27227"Jump To Cursor" action is missed
InspectionsBugPY-12002False positive: incorrect arguments for SQLAlchemy w/ mixin
BugPY-16893open() returns TextIOWrapper which isn't correlated with IO types
BugPY-16894open(..., 'b') returns FileIO[bytes] which isn't correlated with BinaryIO type
BugPY-26023The presence of an `@abstractmethod` decorator totally cancels all typechecks.
BugPY-26313False positive: doesn't return anything
BugPY-26491Using * twice in function signature should be picked up as a syntax error
BugPY-24067False docstring async function return type inspection
BugPY-21408PyCharm not aware of callable attributes
BugPY-22945typing and typing.Type considered as resolved if typing module is not installed
BugPY-24729Class level variable annotations are superseded by value assignment
BugPY-27302False error warning on "unicodedata", "sqlite3.Error" first appeared in 2017.3
Interpreters SettingsBugPY-27014ISE: @NotNull method com/intellij/openapi/projectRoots/impl/ProjectJdkImpl.getName must not return null
BugPY-26968Create a new environment for a new project by default
BugPY-26450UI is frozen during new project creation with venv inside it
UsabilityPY-26998Remember the base interpreter for new virtualenvs if it's not detected or configured yet
RefactoringBugPY-25035"Convert from variadic to normal parameters" does nothing
RunBugPY-27431"Show command line afterwards" breaks Coverage, Profiler and Concurrency Diagram
Test RunnerBugPY-27286Capture and LogCapture lead to TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not iterable when running nose tests that throw exceptions
BugPY-272222017.3 test runner breaks assertEqual
BugPY-26470when test results contain a "\n", the results only shows the "show difference" link, should show results.
BugPY-26330Tests output gibberish
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