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GeneralBugIDEA-176658Changelog converted automatically to US-ASCII
InspectionsBugPY-25491'as' imports marked as unresolved when project opens
BugPY-9662Type of expression * int literal results is detected as int while it's unknown
BugPY-24789float and int DO support Decimal...don't they?
BugPY-23289UUID is not accepted argument for int()
BugPY-24240False positive: "unexpected argument" inspection for multiple inheritance/mixin
BugPY-24194Incorrect unexpected type error when calling bytes() on a class instance that implements __bytes__()
BugPY-21619No warning in UI for missing newlines after function or class definitions
BugPY-23391False positive: calling float on Decimal
BugPY-16066basestring not treated as a `type` by PyTypeChecker inspection
BugPY-25171False positive of signature check in metaclass's __new__
PerformancePY-25794Inspections should not load AST where possible
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