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No subsystemBugIDEA-175646Performance issue while typing
BugIDEA-175429Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.wm.impl.WindowManagerImpl.allocateFrame
BugIDEA-174594100% of one core CPU usage while idle when specific file open and in front
BugIDEA-173669IOException from get / put / append should set corrupted state for PersistentHashMap
BugIDEA-115890Darcula background is applied on print on Django Model Dependency Diagram
BugIDEA-1761282017.2 Can't load project with character "|" in its name
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-175202Permanent header component + virtual space enabled = first line is hidden by the header
PerformanceIDEA-175031Can't Change Editor Font
IndicesBugIDEA-176004erroneous "Nested different indices processing" detection
User InterfaceBugIDEA-173740Too small font in search textbox
BugIDEA-173369Tabs limited to 2 when 1 is set
BugIDEA-174588Switch JDK action does not work
CosmeticsIDEA-165301Darker maven icon on IntelliJ theme
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-174332"Couldn't unstash" notification is incomplete
HTMLBugWEB-27570HTML: "element not allowed here" error when using flow (non Phrasing) content in <dt> tag
JavaScriptFeatureWEB-18172Closure Compiler goog.module() support
BugWEB-26878Class name is incorrectly marked as unused in class expression
BugWEB-12847'Inline local variable' JS refactoring highlights too much
BugWEB-27759Color syntax error in React reducer
BugWEB-27743Do not auto import from .d.ts files from libraries in JavaScript files
BugWEB-25040Make className string attribute selection behave like class attribute
BugWEB-27637webpack: support webpack.config.babel.js
BugWEB-27732Pasting an expression in a template string adds unnecessary backslash
BugWEB-278372017.2 - Go to Declaration, Go to Implementation is broken
BugWEB-24910Auto importing a flow type does not add "type" after "import"
BugWEB-27658JavaScript auto import should respect webpack aliases
BugWEB-26013React Props do not get resolved when doing a direct named re-export
BugWEB-27666Flow: union optional type used as arrow function return type is not parsed correctly
PerformanceWEB-27562Indexing of Javascript files takes 30+minutes, hangs Intellij on exit
TaskWEB-27627JS Stub/Tree mismatch after "Negate" intention invocation on a garbage code
ExceptionWEB-27610JSON Schema: SOE on defining reference to the definitions
Node.jsBugWEB-27523Notification about successful downloading is too big
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