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No subsystemPerformanceCPP-9981com.jetbrains.sourceglider.relations.plain.PlainRelation finalizer delays GC
TaskCPP-10031Add C++17 to the list of language standards in the new C++ project wizard
Code: Auto-importBugCPP-9561Introduce option which allows disable Auto-import in completion
Code: EditingPerformanceCPP-9747Laggy Enter and Backspace Handling
Code: ResolvingBugCPP-2807Constructor inheritance with 'using' doesn't work with type alias name
BugCPP-7791Equal objects must have equal hashcodes. During rehashing, Trove discovered that the following two objects claim to be equal
BugCPP-9834Parameter type mismatch: Incompatible function return types 'void' and 'bool' in lambda
Code: Highlighting and InspectionsBugCPP-10003Argument for @NotNull parameter 'virtualFile' of com/jetbrains/cidr/lang/daemon/clang/tidy/ClangTidyAnnotator.addCompilerSwitches must not be null
BugCPP-9991Regression `Called object is not a function` for variadic functor.
UsabilityCPP-9204clang-tidy: Long response to quick-fix
TaskCPP-9404clang-tidy: False inspection "constructor does not initialize fields" for typedef'd type included from header
BugCPP-5852False positive: "Parameter type mismatch: Types 'const boost::optional<int>' and 'int' are not compatible"
Unit Testing: Google TestFeatureCPP-9548Add 'Test' badge for GT and Catch test symbols.
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