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No subsystemTaskCPP-8884Support and bundle CMake 3.8
Code: Highlighting and InspectionsBugCPP-8251Inspection "local variable not updated in a loop" should not fire for volatile variables
BugCPP-7336Incorrect analysis of function that take parameter pack arguments and non-template arguments.
BugCPP-7946False "loop variable is not updated inside the loop" for unknown type
BugCPP-7894Friendly message in the 'Local variable in loop condition is not updated in loop' inspection
Project ModelUsabilityCPP-9071GCC && PCH: notify user about missing dependency file.
ToolchainsBugCPP-9577When error happens during test CMake run, 'error' label doesn't work
UsabilityCPP-9602Do not report warnings on new MinGW versions
Diff_MergeBugIDEA-171674First tab is very short in the left Diff pane
Editor. Editing TextFeatureIDEA-29781With "Smart home" enabled, pressing Home inside Javadoc comment should jump to first non-whitespace character after leading asterisk (*)
BugIDEA-169912Commit message editor: weird line breaks
BugIDEA-167611Default printer font size is big on HiDPI display
BugIDEA-171695Intention bulb blocks cursor placement
BugIDEA-171509Extend Selection (Ctrl+W) does not stop at "case"
BugIDEA-172241Uncomment of multiple blocks in properties file does removes too many characters
BugIDEA-172026No cursor when switching to another window.
BugIDEA-170583"Reformat Code" leads to weird scrolling in the editor window
BugIDEA-170997Multi-caret: A character is deleted despite empty selection
BugIDEA-171798Bytecode nullability inference does not work when parameter is captured in lambda
BugIDEA-160142Uncommenting block comments using keyboard shortcut in IntelliJ is broken. Affects code written in Java.
BugIDEA-171915Clipboard synchronization hangs on Wayland
BugIDEA-170735CTRL+MouseOver popup over inner class does not show outer class
UsabilityIDEA-172119Quick doc is unavailable in dumb mode
CosmeticsIDEA-170592Choose Content to Paste Dialog (Ctrl+Shift+V) only highlights the first match per line
Find, Replace, Find UsagesFeatureIDEA-171606Show VCS change marks in the search results preview editor gutter
BugIDEA-172370Find in path "Searching..." when nothing found
BugIDEA-170963Mnemonics shortcuts in new Find in path dialog is a mess
BugIDEA-170038Find in Path dialog does not close automatically when clicking the code area
BugIDEA-169849Can't undo in Find in Path
UsabilityIDEA-172283'Select All Occurrences' not available in replace mode
ExceptionIDEA-171668NPE at com.intellij.usages.impl.UsageViewImpl.doAppendUsage(
Packaging and InstallationBugIDEA-157745Uninstaller deletes entier folder contents without checking the current folder location
BugIDEA-171524Requesting help from the menu or pressing F1 --> nonexistent web page
BugIDEA-170328Command-line launcher does not work on Python 3
Settings RepositoryBugIDEA-170795Intellij freezes completely everytime on startup
TerminalBugIDEA-171957Terminal in IDEA 2017.1.2 RC cannot display Chinese Character
BugIDEA-169111Fish user functions not loaded
User InterfaceBugIDEA-170099let Swing text components dynamically scale HTML text on user scale factor change
BugIDEA-172082MacOS: CCE at com.intellij.ide.favoritesTreeView.FavoritesRootNode cannot be cast to com.intellij.ide.projectView.ProjectViewNode on change UI Theme
BugIDEA-171299IDE is closed even I canceled exit
BugIDEA-172166[linux] editor font size in Settings may decrease after restart
BugIDEA-171927Event Log background not work properly.
BugIDEA-170910Diagram printing prints empty
BugIDEA-172322Wrong line spacing for files opened on project start
BugIDEA-172136Search text area has an improper height
BugIDEA-170239Hyperlink click is handled despite mouse clicking outside of it
BugIDEA-146563[regression] Middle-click on editor tabs, only closes one editor, the following middle-clicks are not registered
BugIDEA-171254IDEA freezes when I click on encoding panel for big file
Version ControlFeatureIDEA-169296Allow adding bookmarks from Commit dialog
BugIDEA-63884Inactive changelist is deleted without prompt after commit
BugIDEA-171478Spelling is not checked on first commit dialog invocation
BugIDEA-171325VCS GIT Branches popup collapses
BugIDEA-168838Preview diff not refreshed after manually resolved conflict
UsabilityIDEA-172470Prev/Next occurrences in line status popup are not visible anymore
UsabilityIDEA-171836Don't focus the Update Info tab after executing Update Project
CosmeticsIDEA-172391"Change list" spelling inconsistency
Version Control. GitExceptionIDEA-170463Throwable on authentication failure in case both login and password asked
Version Control. MercurialBugIDEA-170411hg4idea always tries to load too much data sometimes completely filling Java heap
Version Control. PerforceBugIDEA-172380IDEA got totally frozen after renaming directory with many files
DebuggerBugPY-23906Jython remote debugging fails with attribute error
BugPY-23419Data view don't show the index of DataFrame neither rows numbers from numpy array.
BugPY-21215"ImportError: No module named stackless" leftover in sys.exc_info()
InspectionsBugPY-22808Wrongly suggested returning list of list with unknown type index
BugPY-21655False inspection: @asyncio.coroutine decorated function treated as non-awaitable
RunBugPY-17816PyCharm drops "/usr/local/bin" from PATH
Test RunnerBugPY-23785(unittest2) AttributeError: 'super' object has no attribute 'addSubTest'
BugPY-23856space in test name
BugPY-23846Dot in subtest name breaks output
BugPY-23452sys.path[0] incorrect when running unittests with "Add source roots to PYTHONPATH"
BugPY-23217django-nose: Test Results don't lead to test anymore
BugPY-22505New jb_unittest_runner doesn't print text from input and any flushed text until end of test
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