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No subsystemFeatureCPP-8140Support and bundle CMake 3.7
Debugger: GDBBugCPP-2328CLion debugger does not work with csh
BugCPP-8737Having a problem to run Clion debugger on the "Hello World" program (RHEL 6.3)
Code: Highlighting and InspectionsBugCPP-8300Binary operator '<<' can't be applied to the expressions of type 'wostream' and 'string'
Code: ParsingFeatureCPP-1296Add a preprocessor macro for testing whether code is parsed by CLion
Project ModelBugCPP-8824No more error/warning highlighting in CMake console
BugCPP-8727CLion incorrectly parses \; and other escaping in per-file compiler definitions
BugCPP-3962Problem with include, parser is now broken with -DCMAKE_SYSTEM_NAME=Generic (MinGW)
TaskCPP-8726Rework compiler command line/response file parsing/building according to specs
ConsoleBugIDEA-167431Console filters can no longer change foreground text color
BugIDEA-167094Can't remove first char in user input
Diff_MergeFeatureIDEA-167631Open all files which are modified in the current branch
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-167446Unicode â„•, UTF-8, Annotation Processor, Compiler source encoding on Windows
Find, Replace, Find UsagesBugIDEA-167872Find results from different files are merged
BugIDEA-167197IntelliJ freezes when trying to invoke 'Find in path' on selection
UsabilityIDEA-167955Find: `Ctrl+F` on selected word doesn't pre-select text in search field if Find bar is open
ExceptionIDEA-167571Argument for @NotNull parameter 'scope' of com/intellij/psi/search/LocalSearchScope.<init> must not be null
IndicesPerformanceIDEA-167934Out of memory dialog on IntelliJ IDEA start/open project
PerformanceIDEA-167372Building the stub tree for a file loads its contents twice in a row
User InterfaceBugIDEA-167782Details in EventLog only clickable once
BugIDEA-168068Project leak via com.intellij.ide.util.PsiClassListCellRenderer#INSTANCE
BugIDEA-167825Active project window is hidden under already opened projects
CosmeticsIDEA-167612strange highlight of settigns > appearance & behavior > notofications
ExceptionIDEA-167624Find Action popup can not be closed on Welcome Screen; NPE at com.intellij.ide.util.gotoByName.ChooseByNamePopup.dispose
Version ControlFeatureIDEA-162845Allow openning commit window when only unversioned files present
Version Control. SubversionBugIDEA-113567Subversion1.8: cleanup invoked from file context menu fails with error
Code InsightBugPY-22181Element type is not inferred in case of iteration over iterable with separate iterator
DebuggerBugPY-22447Debugging jinja templates: visualization of currently active line is stuck on the first breakpoint
BugPY-22499Add warning for slow debugger options
BugPY-22690Can't debug python script with Remote Interpreter
BugPY-16100Unable to debug with remote Python interpreter: cannot connect to X server
InspectionsBugPY-22224no warning about: `x, y = None` (TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not iterable)
BugPY-22222Type doesn't have expected attributes with __slots__
BugPY-21651Unresolved reference for attributes created by with statements
Test RunnerBugPY-13833Invalid subtest display with pytest.mark.parametrize
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