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BuildUsabilityCPP-8008Unclear 'No CMake output' after reopening project during reset cache
Code: DocumentationBugCPP-8097Doxygen: CLion doesn't generate @param tag for ellipsis
BugCPP-8105Code completion for ellipsis is absent for @tparam
BugCPP-7856Red code in Doxygen comments around ellipsis
Code: Highlighting and InspectionsBugCPP-7711Regression: "might not have been initialized" for reference parameters to overloaded operators
BugCPP-6403Invalid inaccessible code warning after dynamic_cast<>()
UsabilityCPP-4220Don't mark as typo namespaces in places of usage
Code: Intention ActionsBugCPP-7750Simplify expression goes massively wrong with boolean variable
Code: ParsingBugCPP-3239gcc atomic builtins show as errors
Code: RefactoringsBugCPP-8102UDL rename does not work inside namespace
BugCPP-4790Extract method adds invalid this-> specifier
Code: ResolvingBugCPP-7887Invalid properties are assigned to a function if there is a clang attribute between them
Project ModelBugCPP-7964CLion doesn't open a folder that contains CMakeCache.txt file as project when using File | Open
BugCPP-8149CLion suggests to reload cmake after creating project without any changes
BugCPP-7904CLion triggers excessive reloads (sometimes recursively) when included CMake files changed after generation
BugCPP-8017CMake option editor ("Shift + Enter") erases escaping quotes
BugCPP-8059Undoing change in CMakeLists doesn't trigger automatic reload
UsabilityCPP-7910Changing compiler in CMake settings resets CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE (among others)
UsabilityCPP-8068When opening a CMake project with existing in-source generated files, they should be set as generation path
UsabilityCPP-8009Do not reload CMake on project reopening when only whitespaces have changed
ConsoleBugIDEA-163771Lots of logging to the console -> memory leak
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-163905Zero Latency Typing is excruciatingly slow with 20 carets and unusable with 50.
BugIDEA-115424Editor scrolls immediately after switching to its tab after project opening
ExceptionIDEA-162595`Wrong offset` exception when start typing on the first line of any file if there're >1 lines [#171.78]
Find, Replace, Find UsagesBugIDEA-163346error stripe position is wrong when find replace is active
BugIDEA-164440Find in path does not show path of currently active file in Directory field
UsabilityIDEA-152060Auto select find/replace field on focus.
Settings RepositoryBugIDEA-155623Loading settings from settings repository fails to import live template
TerminalFeatureIDEA-147703Support fish shell to use as terminal
BugIDEA-118848Pos1/End don't work in the terminal if zsh ist used
BugIDEA-163063It's impossible to deactivate auto-activated virtualenv on zsh and fish
BugIDEA-115276Local Terminal did not accept German Keyboard Layout
BugIDEA-163474Terminal shell path can't be changed (falls back to default value): IntelliJ IDEA 2016.3 (builds 163.7342.3, 163.7743.17 and 163.7743.37)
BugIDEA-162571Terminal does not read zshrc from ZDOTDIR defined in .zshenv
User InterfaceBugIDEA-162580Tool Windows show/hide state is not memorized
UsabilityIDEA-93637Hide cursor while typing
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-164369can't create git tag
PerformanceIDEA-163335Memory leak
Code InsightFeaturePY-20769Support PEP 519: File system path protocol
ExceptionPY-21399Backslash in the middle of another escape sequence inside a string literal causes exceptions
ConsoleBugPY-21373Python console working directory setting ignored
BugPY-21330Receive "Value Error A return_control_callback must be supplied as a reference before a gui can be enabled" with "Show command line afterwards" option
BugPY-21317ANSI Coloring in Remote Python Console
BugPY-21510virtualenv auto activation fails on windows
BugPY-21248First line becomes hidden in the first cell of IPython console
BugPY-21452virtualenv auto activation does not work on windows (cmd) with the latest build (171.948)
DebuggerBugPY-21487Concurrency Visualizer doesn't work
BugPY-14999tput: unknown terminal "emacs"
BugPY-21096Debugger is not working
BugPY-20532Debugger completely broken with Qt5
ExceptionPY-21457Reopening Debugger Console causes IllegalArgumentException
Interpreters SettingsFeaturePY-18473Detect installed third-party Python interpreters based on the Windows registry according to PEP 0514
RefactoringFeaturePY-21161Intention that converts .format() calls and prrintf-style formatting to f-string literals
BugPY-21245"Convert to f-string literal" action doesn't work correctly with dictionary keys including quotation marks
BugPY-21244"Convert to f-string literal" action doesn't work correctly with parametrized formats
BugPY-21246"Convert to f-string literal" action do not place parentheses if format contains expression
BugPY-21243"Convert to f-string literal" action doesn't work correctly with old string formatting and dictionaries
RunBugPY-21194Latest 2016.3 EAP does not honor env variables in server configuration
Test RunnerBugPY-7659Incorrect unit test status in pycharm
BugPY-15166Test runner mixes up class names for tests when `subTest` method is used
BugPY-21132pytest with coverage fails due to -m option used
BugPY-21454tox.ini is not found by default in the project root directory
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