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Code: Highlighting and InspectionsBugCPP-2377Variable read by cin is not detected as changed
BugCPP-3747Invalid 'Local variables used in loop condition are not updated in the loop'
BugCPP-2307Loop condition is not updated inside the loop (false positive)
Project ModelBugCPP-7507'CMake output: Default' is not updated after some reloads (e.g. misconfigured CMake is fixed)
BugCPP-7482CMake console: Error icon isn't shown after reload with errors when non-default configuration selected
BugCPP-883CMake doesn't recognize product file path with add_subdirectory after target renaming with case change
UsabilityCPP-5908Unstable contents of iml file inside sourceFolder
Project and File WizardsUsabilityCPP-7665Cannot open *.cmake/CMakeLists.txt using File | Open - project is opened instead
ConsoleBugIDEA-161123Saving console output to file produces an empty file
BugIDEA-152620Move Filter#applyFilter from EDT to the pooled thread
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-159399Selection gets broken for multi clicking Alt+Shift+Middle Mouse Button
BugIDEA-161293Console Font preview - gutter is not updated on font size change
BugIDEA-161105Breakpoints move unexpectedly on editing
BugIDEA-160978'Quick Documentation' doesn't work in modal dialogs
BugIDEA-161056In column mode, after pressing Shift-PageDown to efficiently extend the column to the bottom of the page, Shift-UpArrow stops working.
BugIDEA-98074Line spacing makes cursor oversized
CosmeticsIDEA-161026Quickdoc badly shows initialization of array
File SystemBugIDEA-161568UI Freezes after maven build ends
Packaging and InstallationBugIDEA-161180Installation update: "background task running" dialog; patch is not applied if restart is postponed
UsabilityIDEA-161386Disable warnings in terminal
ExceptionIDEA-161186Cannot update EAP (from 163.3983.4 to 163.4396.1): IOException "Restart is not supported."
Settings RepositoryBugIDEA-141891Custom keymaps not getting cloned/merged
User InterfaceFeatureIDEA-119826Do not require confirmation each time I open an IPR file
FeatureIDEA-160391Add "copy relative path" or make "copy path" configureable
BugIDEA-161519java.lang.IllegalStateException: The DialogWrapper can only be used in event dispatch thread.
BugIDEA-161504HiDPI Linux: Plugins repository: wrong icon rendering
BugIDEA-161524HiDPI Linux: Project Settings - Module - Dependencies - columns are too small
BugIDEA-161665LayeredIcon offsets are not scaled on hidpi
PerformanceIDEA-154560Find Action should populate the results in background
UsabilityIDEA-25635Change display behavior during background indexing: disable/remove content of tool windows instead of hiding windows
Version ControlBugIDEA-161662VersionControl toolwindow should not be available for project with no VCS enabled
BugIDEA-161752VCS toolwindow is not available if the project has <Project> mapping
Version Control. GitFeatureIDEA-60389Need GUI to configure remote repository and branch
FeatureIDEA-87099Provide ability to add remote repositories to local git repository
FeatureIDEA-76454Ability to change URL of git repository
Code InsightBugPY-20778Invalid conversion character in fstring is not marked as an error
BugPY-20775Unclosed braces inside a fstring should be an error
BugPY-20864False positive: "Unresolved reference" for variable annotations with types from typing module
ExceptionPY-20785Named unicode character inside fstring causes IDE exception
DebuggerBugPY-20476Argument parsing for subprocess under debugger
InspectionsBugPY-20810PEP-8 E701 'Multiple statements on one line (colon)' for every variable annotation
BugPY-20863False positive: unresolved reference for quoted type hints inside annotations
BugPY-20844f-string expression cannot include a backslash
BugPY-20783PyCharm does not see local variables when parsing fstrings
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