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Code: FormattingFeatureCPP-6825New set of formatting options for lambda capture list
BugCPP-5232" * " gets inserted after typing #pragma whatever<Enter> at the end of file
Code: GenerationUsabilityCPP-6820Improve Boost live template
UsabilityCPP-6053Enable an ability to guess correct definitions location
Code: Highlighting and InspectionsBugCPP-6366Incorrect argument type analysis using "%zu" specifier with size_t argument
Code: ParsingBugCPP-6467Parser fails on nameless formal parameter with a default value.
Code: RefactoringsFeatureCPP-591Support files 'Safe delete' in CMake files
DebuggerFeatureCPP-5528Enable CustomValueRendererFactory in CLion
BugCPP-4369Arrays of wide/unicode characters have are not displayed in debugger variables view
PerformanceCPP-6592Lazily collect threads and frames on stepping
PerformanceCPP-6675Debugger stepping and evaluation optimizations
UsabilityCPP-6752When target is suspended due to interruption and position is not known code, frames list should be shown regardless the setting 'Debugger | Show debugger window on breakpoint'
UsabilityCPP-6755Frames without source code should be shown same way as files in non-project scope
UsabilityCPP-6768Selected frame should be preserved when switching threads
UsabilityCPP-6672When target is suspended in library code without sources, select first frame with available code
TaskCPP-6396Rework variables, values and children calculation
Debugger: GDBFeatureCPP-3311Upgrade to gdb 7.11
BugCPP-6359Class variable children are not correctly calculated
BugCPP-6841Could not get children iterator exception with GDB 7.11-ubuntu
BugCPP-6735GDB with older versions of libconv (older than 1.14) may hang in 'wchar_to_loop_convert'
BugCPP-5615GDB doesn't exit correctly, when program waits on cin
BugCPP-6732GDB 7.11 reports incorrect results when -var-update causes SIGSEGV
BugCPP-5673Command timeout during debug with large arrays
BugCPP-6150Debugger fails to show frame variables when stepping into a function if const STL container is in outer frame
BugCPP-6744'command timeout' when error happens on the launch on the target
BugCPP-5933Wrong value displayed in the "Variables" window under debug after its update
UsabilityCPP-6712GDB should show 'char *' variables as strings on Windows
TaskCPP-6281Update GDB stdlibc++ pretty printers
Debugger: LLDBFeatureCPP-6607Update bundled LLDB to 3.8
BugCPP-6598LLDB does not stop on breakpoints on cases-insensitive file system if there are differences in casing of the path to the source file
ToolchainsFeatureCPP-3819Add mingw-w64 + gcc 5.1.0 support
CSSExceptionIDEA-154246Throwable at com.intellij.psi.css.impl.stubs.index.CssIndexUtil.processKeysInScope
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-156530Trailing whitespace being stripped only from the file which editor tab is active
Find, Replace, Find UsagesBugIDEA-156850find preview ignores app settings ("soft wraps": off, "indent guides": on)
UsabilityIDEA-61493Find Usages: Separate "Use soft wraps" option for the preview panel
ExceptionIDEA-149100Crash with ConcurrentModificationException
IndicesBugIDEA-156849Modal indexing
Packaging and InstallationBugIDEA-156503Can't update PhpStorm
BugIDEA-156741Standalone version of external make fails to build project if runned with Java 9
Task ManagementBugIDEA-130279sporadically missing actions/buttons in "Time Tracking" tool window
User InterfaceBugIDEA-156745Control mouse wheel shortcut works together with scrolling
BugIDEA-138256High DPI monitor issue: New repository location dialog for SVN is cut off
BugIDEA-156959Scrollbar in Log is not visible when scrolling
PerformanceIDEA-156869HintManagerImpl#myLastEditor leaks project
Version ControlBugIDEA-127833Non-project file writing access could be bypassed by some VCS actions
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