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Auto-importBugCPP-3958error/import? tooltip steals focus
BuildBugCPP-6343Compiler output parsing does not work when the project is in a path that contains parentheses
Code: CompletionBugCPP-6576No completion for mangos R2/scriptdev2 project
BugCPP-6321Auto-completion with Tab deletes last bracket
Code: Highlighting and InspectionsBugCPP-5823reference initialization marked as inaccessible constructor
BugCPP-6013Wrong "Binary operator '<<' can't be applied" error message
ParsingBugCPP-5762Supported File Types shouldn't contain *.m, *.mm in C/C++ section
Project ModelBugCPP-6498Relative header paths passed to compiler are not recognized correctly
RunningBugCPP-6254Output for CLion IDE sometimes cuts off when executing a program
Structure, Hierarchy ViewsUsabilityCPP-996Allow sorting entries in a Structure view alphabetically
BugCPP-3423Group members in structure view (fields, constructors, destructors, operators, methods)
Unit Testing: Google TestBugCPP-6700"Generate Google Test" does not generate parametrized test
No subsystemUsabilityIDEA-156750IDE launch delays a long time if using slow cellular network
Packaging and InstallationBugIDEA-155856After update from 2016.1.1 to 2016.1.2 IntelliJ IDEA won't start anymore on mac os x
BugIDEA-156078"Open recent project" from Windows taskbar does nothing
User InterfaceBugIDEA-153827Log tool window loses focus by TAB.
BugIDEA-156246About font on Windows is hardcoded to Tahoma, doesn't support some glyphs (Chinese)
BugIDEA-152525IDE loses focus after closing toolwindow with a `Alt+[0-9]` shortcut
UsabilityIDEA-156077Empty space instead of CLion app icon when minimize Welcome screen
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