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No subsystemTaskCPP-5698Enable 'Switch boot JDK' action on Linux
Code: FormattingBugCPP-4648Ugly lambda formatting when wrapping functions
BugCPP-5711Questionable pluralisation of the word "Enum"
Debugger: GDBBugCPP-5066Debugger communication problems (like invalid GDB responses) are not correctly handled, session just hangs with 'Command timed out'
ParsingBugCPP-5696NullPointerException while typing namespace alias
Project ModelBugCPP-5603Delay project reload when completion window is shown in the editor
No subsystemFeatureIDEA-147176Create "lowercaseAndDash" function for live templates
FeatureIDEA-135255new Predefined Function "dashesToCamelCase()" to Use in Live Template Variables
FeatureIDEA-145973Same-named template macros for different languages
BugIDEA-148696Contextual menu won't close
BugIDEA-95941Commit message Ctrl+Space completion of class name - stops working for the second line of the message
BugIDEA-151033Usability issue with multiple block carets
CosmeticsIDEA-150957Gutter grows abnormally when increasing line spacing in editor font settings
Diff_MergeFeatureIDEA-16394Option to turn off inspections in diff window
Editor. Code CompletionBugIDEA-113393Live Template variable skipped when its default value contains a dash
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-150819Keymap - multiple identical shortcuts for the same action
BugIDEA-150132When selecting and dragging text to "watches" most of the time the editor will start scrolling down and marking the whole text automatically.
BugIDEA-151013"Move statements right and left" works unreliably in XSLT
PerformanceIDEA-150848Editor leak in AccessibleEditorComponentImpl
UsabilityIDEA-150389Remove the term "Platform" from the UI
Editor. Intention ActionsFeatureIDEA-150587Ability to click on links from inspections above the Editor using keyboard
Find, Replace, Find UsagesBugIDEA-149094Show usages popup speed search issues
IDE ConfigurationBugIDEA-130605Import Settings: "Select Components to Import" dialog has some unreadable items
BugIDEA-150830Edit Custom VM Options propose to create idea64.vmoptions file instead of idea.vmoptions on OSX
BugIDEA-134815File templates: can't create templates from file without extension
CosmeticsIDEA-148604White box in Keyboard Shortcut dialog in Preferences | Keymap
ExceptionIDEA-148289NPE at com.intellij.ide.passwordSafe.config.PasswordSafeConfigurable.isModified
Project ConfigurationBugIDEA-151029Project Structure: "Invalid item in the dependencies list" tooltip has < > html entities instead of < >
Project ViewBugIDEA-151067Project view forces slow single threaded file scanning
BugIDEA-143457Project View presentation of a module looses bold font face when there is an error inside
RefactoringBugIDEA-150775Deleting any file, IDEA wants to check out every file in project
User InterfaceUsabilityIDEA-148456Regression: Remote SSH External Tools no longer appearing in Action dialog after upgrade to IntelliJ 15
Version ControlFeatureIDEA-119269Git: Show history by selection - no way to copy the commit hash
FeatureIDEA-89348"Show history for selection" dialog: lack of "Show All Affected Paths" action
ExceptionIDEA-148175Exception when reverting a commit from VCS history
Version Control. GitFeatureIDEA-143404Support git worktree feature
Version Control. MercurialBugIDEA-150091Can not disable the plugin hg4idea
Version Control. PerforceCosmeticsIDEA-148401Perforce: EditJobs dialog looks bad in case of multiple connections
XMLFeatureIDEA-150753Make 'Collapse empty tag' quick fix available for tags with whitespace contents
DB.RefactoringBugDBE-2299Drag and drop text magically pastes clipboard and makes Ctrl+Z throw a popup
No subsystemBugWEB-20052Emmet: abbreviations with multiplication are not expanded in JSX context
BugWEB-14867Extra space added to jQuery statements
ExceptionWEB-20107Code inspection not working in latest EAP
CSSFeatureWEB-20101Support file structure for inline styles
DebuggerBugWEB-20141Freezing, StackOverflow and many other errors when run JS debugger
JavaScriptFeatureWEB-20003Auto Completion for ES6 String Interpolation Doesn't Work
BugWEB-20038E4X path navigation expressions that use namespace qualification are incorrectly flagged as not supported
BugWEB-19500JSDoc: Erroneous message "Returned expression type ... is not assignable to type ...."
BugWEB-19280JSDoc inline types: Problem with ES 2015 arrow functions with one parameter and no parenthesis syntax
BugWEB-20094JSX: incorrect 'unused import warning' if component binding is unresolved
JavaScript. FrameworksBugWEB-19589React: Refactor - Rename of component doesn't work properly with default exports
JavaScript. RefactoringBugWEB-20035Inline doesn't work on class methods
BugWEB-19994NullPointerException when try to extract field from decorators
SASSBugWEB-20100Inline sass: problem with @import
BugWEB-20070Inline SCSS: quick-fix 'Expand css shorthand property' enter extra spaces
BugWEB-20068Inline scss: problem with @charset
BugWEB-20069Inline scss: missing highlighting for some keywords
TypeScriptFeatureWEB-20095Update typescript compiler to 1.8.0beta
BugWEB-19222no content awar move down/up in TypeScript
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