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Code: DocumentationBugCPP-5392Quick Documentation: lambda expression
BugCPP-5309Quick Documentation should not show 'parameter' for function parameters
BugCPP-5282Quick Documentation for explicit instantiation
BugCPP-5252Quick Documentation shows internal error for anonymous class/struct/enum
UsabilityCPP-682Quick Documentation for namespace alias
Editor. Editing TextUsabilityIDEA-149712Various errors in widen-selection (ctrl-w)
TaskIDEA-149785Add an option in editor settings to disable adding carets on double-Ctrl+arrows
User InterfaceCosmeticsIDEA-113878"Compare by" combobox`s selected icon have invalid margins in "Sync with deployed" dialog
Version ControlFeatureIDEA-55508Need an ability to see file history from repository for file which is now deleted
CosmeticsIDEA-149151Cannot move focus through "Unshelve..." dialog by TAB
CosmeticsIDEA-149652Context menu options for Show/Hide Already Unshelved make no sense
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