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1. What is Astella?

Astella is an intelligent IDE for ActionScript, Flex, AIR and HTML5 development for web, desktop and mobile devices. It has a powerful source code editor, debugger, test runner, visual designer, profiler, version control integration and more.

2. Which languages does it support?

Astella offers advanced support for ActionScript, MXML, HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS and XML. Support for many other languages is easy to install on demand in the form of plugins.

3. How does Astella relate to IntelliJ IDEA?

Astella is essentially a subset of IntelliJ IDEA, with full support for listed languages and related technologies. At the same time, Astella includes only the relevant plugins, making it faster and easier to use for Flash, Flex and HTML coding. Additionally, Astella allows for simpler yet more powerful project configuration, so you can easily configure Flash projects of any kind or complexity.

4. Do I need Astella if I have IntelliJ IDEA?

You may switch to Astella if you develop in Flash or HTML only. You will need to stay with IDEA, if you also work on server-side Java code in the same project.

5. When will Astella 1.0 be released?

Exact date of Astella release is not yet defined.

6. How does Astella relate to WebStorm?

In general, Astella is going to have the same level of support for HTML, HTML5, JavaScript and CSS as WebStorm has. Some plugins that relate to pure Web development (such as support for .htaccess files, or Phing tool) will not be part of the product.

7. How much will Astella 1.0 cost?

Final pricing is not yet available, but Astella will surely be more affordable than IntelliJ IDEA.

8. Do I need separate license for Astella if I have license for IntelliJ IDEA?


9. What is EAP?

EAP stands for Early Access Program. For more details please go to

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