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| h4. No subsystem| |
| [PY-8713|] (Performance Problem)|Sporadic UI lockups due to slow YAML parsing|
| [RUBY-13006|] (Task)|Map help button of the code style puppet page |
| h4. Code Formatting and Code Style| |
| [IDEA-99951|] (Bug)|Code Styles: new .icls file is created, but old .xml is used to read settings|
| h4. Code Insight| |
| [PY-8136|] (Feature)|Allow to clear types collected on debugged calls|
| [PY-7208|] (Feature)|Complete 'args' after '*' and 'kwargs' after '**' in function parameter list|
| [PY-8602|] (Usability Problem)|Stop offering to find usages of object.__init__|
| [PY-7710|] (Bug)|different inferred type for open() and open in with statement|
| [PY-8304|] (Bug)|Expressions of the form "\{,n\}" in regular expression patterns are not properly handled|
| [PY-7983|] (Bug)|Unresolved reference: false positive for abs() with not int arguments|
| [PY-8375|] (Bug)|Can't search for method beginning with underscore in "override method" dialog|
| [PY-7708|] (Bug)|Unresolved reference "xreadlines" for class TextIOWrapper|
| h4. CoffeeScript| |
| [WEB-5516|] (Feature)|No HTML formatting in coffeescript block strings|
| [WEB-5568|] (Feature)|Expand CoffeeScript Formatter Options to Match Other Languages|
| [WEB-6378|] (Bug)|Coffeescript: if "this" used as method parameter then in cose inspection error|
| [WEB-6189|] (Bug)|Coffescript class methods cause bad syntax highlights|
| [WEB-6390|] (Bug)|CoffeeScfipt code style. Wrong cursor align after function declaration|
| h4. Console| |
| [PY-8480|] (Bug)|SSH Console: error message about inability to run ssh console is inaccurate|
| h4. Cython| |
| [PY-8649|] (Bug)|False positive for "unicode" in Cython code|
| [PY-8648|] (Bug)|Cython: const modifier is supported since v0.18, but PyCharm doesn't know about it|
| h4. Debugger| |
| [WEB-2104|] (Task)|Don't use sourcemap if browser supports file type natively |
| [PY-8624|] (Bug)|Multiple types collected at the same location at runtime should be treated as union type|
| [WEB-2389|] (Bug)|Source mapping (SMAP) support for NodeJS|
| [PY-6740|] (Bug)|PyCharm ignores virtualenv binary paths when running under debugger|
| [WEB-6402|] (Bug)|find way to avoid source map caching|
| [WEB-6317|] (Bug)|Invalid default path|
| h4. Django| |
| [PY-7198|] (Bug)|Django templates should use indent settings of underlying filetype|
| [PY-8245|] (Bug)|Unresolved static reference with root defined using os.path.pardir|
| h4. Editing| |
| [PY-8083|] (Performance Problem)|Slow commenting/uncommenting of longer code |
| [PY-8693|] (Bug)|Smart indent pasted lines deletes part of string if pasting Django ORM query|
| h4. Formatter| |
| [PY-7394|] (Feature)|Code style setting to configure alignment of multiline imports|
| [PY-8516|] (Usability Problem)|No option to stop aligning to opening brace for long lines|
| [PY-5674|] (Cosmetics)|Python code style for line continuation should let choose whether or not a space is added before '\' (backslash)|
| [PY-6359|] (Bug)|Better indentation for multi-line python statements|
| [PY-8326|] (Bug)|Remove trailing whitespaces in multi line strings to match PEP8|
| [PY-6360|] (Bug)|"Smart indent" on enter does not respect code style|
| [PY-8577|] (Bug)|Additional indent in for loop with a lot of parameters to distinguish loop from its body|
| [PY-8572|] (Bug)|odd and breaking behavior with Reformat Code|
| [PY-2759|] (Bug)|PyCharm does not auto-indent on explicit line joining with backslash|
| h4. IDE| |
| [PY-8684|] (Usability Problem)|Mac OS X 10.5+ should be the default keymap on Mac OS X|
| [PY-8647|] (Cosmetics)|Inconsistent font style for Python string and unicode literals in Darcula|
| [PY-7819|] (Bug)|Change PySide documentation URL|
| [PY-2763|] (Bug)|External Tools are not killed properly, causing child processes of the external tool process to be left dangling...|
| [PY-8668|] (Bug)|Do not ask about quitting on restart|
| h4. IDE Configuration| |
| [IDEA-98483|] (Usability Problem)|"Initial Configuration Dialog" for RM, PC, PS should have "Darcula/Native" UI switcher.|
| h4. Indices| |
| [IDEA-100216|] (Bug)|new beta 125.9 hangs with java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space|
| h4. Inspections| |
| [PY-4600|] (Feature)|Support a #noinspection option similar to @DynamicAttrs|
| [PY-8276|] (Performance Problem)|Run using CPython instead of Jython when possible|
| [PY-8235|] (Bug)|Text I/O methods are incorrectly guessed to produce bytes instead of str|
| [PY-6545|] (Bug)|Incorrect "Redundant escape character" detection in re.VERBOSE mode|
| [PY-8328|] (Bug)|type checker inspection incorrectly warns on '\{\}'.format(self=self)|
| [PY-8646|] (Bug)|False positive in shadowing built-ins for qualified references|
| [PY-8143|] (Bug)|Verbose regexp syntax not detected when flags is passed as keyword argument|
| [PY-8261|] (Bug)|Type Checker: false positive for string passed to replace method|
| [PY-8063|] (Bug)|Inspection false positive: Class 'list' does not define '__add__'|
| [PY-7757|] (Bug)|Unexpected argument false positive|
| [PY-7961|] (Bug)|Use struct.unpack(fmt, buffer) when Python 3.3 is the project interpreter|
| [PY-7680|] (Bug)|property() inspection doesn't recognise lambda functions|
| [PY-8682|] (Bug)|Disable Non-Ascii character warning|
| [PY-8614|] (Bug)|Better reporting of docstring pep8 errors|
| [PY-8181|] (Bug)|bytes subclasses not treated as str|
| [PY-8182|] (Bug)|bad type parsing for os.path methods|
| [PY-8617|] (Bug)|Incorrect type for (date + timedelta)|
| [PY-7784|] (Bug)|assert False with an error message trips up "variables referenced before assignment" inspection|
| h4. JavaScript| |
| [WEB-3628|] (Feature)|Provide a way to use external JSLint/JSHint installations for easier updates|
| [WEB-1410|] (Usability Problem)|Local file to remote HTTP mappings should be at the project level like in PHPStorm |
| [WEB-6289|] (Task)|Predefined libraries: please remove duplicate XMLHttpRequest members in AJAX.xml and HTML5.xml |
| h4. LESS| |
| [WEB-6363|] (Bug)|Crash during indexing project|
| h4. No Subsystem| |
| [IDEA-92269|] (Task)|Add link to the used open-source software page to about box|
| h4. Packaging| |
| [PY-8623|] (Bug)|Pycharm incorrectly parses requirements.txt for git+git:// urls|
| h4. Packaging and Installation| |
| [IDEA-70424|] (Bug)|Generated launcher script makes file paths absolute and thus you cannot invoke the diff tool from commandline with it|
| h4. Parsing| |
| [PY-8652|] (Bug)|false negative about invalid sintax|
| [PY-8606|] (Bug)|Parse error for ellipsis in slices|
| h4. Refactoring| |
| [PY-6559|] (Performance Problem)|Renaming python class takes a lot of time|
| [PY-8574|] (Bug)|Rename variable refactoring in function renames \n in string literal|
| [PY-8705|] (Bug)|Change Signature: usages of renamed parameter in function call are not updated if it was reodered|
| [PY-8366|] (Bug)|Replace + with str.format call: correctly process escaped quote and backslash|
| [PY-8588|] (Bug)|"Replace + with string formatting operator" yields broken code if a string contains a "%"|
| [PY-8315|] (Exception)|Rename: Throwable at com.intellij.refactoring.rename.RenameUtil.doRenameGenericNamedElement|
| h4. Remote Interpreters| |
| [PY-7503|] (Feature)|Provide a way to save a non-working remote interpreter definition|
| [PY-8601|] (Feature)|Expose external SSH tools in Settings\| Keymap|
| [PY-8391|] (Usability Problem)|Vagrant: show proper error when vagrant box wasn't added|
| [PY-8294|] (Usability Problem)|Vagrant: set default vagrant executable in vagrant settings|
| [PY-8711|] (Cosmetics)|Remote Interpreter: confusing naming for non-working interpreter definition|
| [PY-8657|] (Bug)|Vagrant config UI issues|
| [PY-8279|] (Bug)|Unable to stop process that is started with a remote (vagrant) interpreter|
| [PY-8710|] (Exception)|Remote Interpreter: NPE at com.jetbrains.python.remote.PyRemoteSdkAdditionalData.equals|
| [PY-8712|] (Exception)|Remote Interpreters: NPE at com.jetbrains.plugins.remotesdk.PublishConfigMappingProvider.getPathMapping|
| h4. SASS| |
| [WEB-6354|] (Bug)|hangup when editing SASS|
| [WEB-6379|] (Bug)|Rename refactoring inserts the folder which contains the file that was renamed in the @import|
| [WEB-6369|] (Bug)|Sass/SCSS: Nested ID selectors are highlighted as hex colors|
| h4. Skeletons| |
| [PY-7625|] (Bug)|Method attributes via getattr produce inspection error: value object is not callable|
| [PY-8051|] (Bug)|Parameter 'iterable' unfilled|
| h4. Version Control. Git| |
| [IDEA-99849|] (Bug)|Force checkout as new local branch - a branch already exists|
| [IDEA-99887|] (Bug)|Compare with branch cache is not updated after fetch|
| h4. Version Control. Mercurial| |
| [IDEA-98713|] (Bug)|Changes - Repository view never updates with Mercurial|