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If your reporting tool produces reports in HTML format, you can extend TeamCity with a custom tab to show the information provided by the third-party reporting tool on the build results page.
General flow is like this:
- configure the build script to produce the HTML report (preferably in a zip archive);
- configure build artifacts to publish the report as build artifact to the server: at this point you can check that the archive is available in build's artifacts;
- configure Report Tab in the administration area to make the report from artifacts available as an extra tab on the build or project level.

There are two types of report tabs available:
* *Build-level*: appears on [build results|Working with Build Results] page for each build that produced the artifact with the specified name. These are configured server-wide on *Administration* \| *Integrations* \| *Report Tabs* page.
* *Project-level*: appears under the Project page for a particular project only, if a build within the project produces the specified reports artifact. These are configured on *Project administration > Report Tabs* page.

To configure a report tab, go to the *Integrations* \| *Report Tabs* page or project settings respectively, click Create new report tab and proceed with the following options:
|| Option || Description||
| Tab Title | Specify a unique title of the report tab that will be displayed in the web UI.|
| Get artifacts from | *This field is available for project-specific report tabs only*
Specify the build, which artifacts will be shown on the tab. Select whether the report should be taken from last successful, pinned, finished build or build with specified build number. |
| Start page | Specify relative path to the start page of the generated report. The path should be relative to the root of individual build's artifacts. To use a file from an archive, use {{path-to-archive\!relative-path}} syntax. See also a the list of [supported archives|Patterns For Accessing Build Artifacts#Obtaining Artifacts from an Archive].
For example, {{\!index.html}} |

See the example of a report tab below:

{color:#003366}*See also:*{color}