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In addition to the available set of roles, TeamCity allows you to turn on guest login, that doesn't require any registration. If enabled, any number of guest users can be logged in to TeamCity simultaneously without affecting each other sessions. Thus, it can be useful for non-committers who just monitor the projects status on the *Projects* page.

By default, such user can view projects, their build configurations and download artifacts, and has similar permissions to the *All Projects Viewer*, although guest user is not a role in the TeamCity terms. As compared with the *Project Viewer* role, guest user doesn't have any personal settings, such as *My Changes* Page and Profile section (i.e. no way to receive notifications), since it doesn't relate to any particular person.

If guest login is enabled, you can construct an URL to TeamCity Web interface, so that no user login is required:
* Add {{&guest=1}} parameter to a usual page URL. The login will be silently attempted on loading the page.

You can use guest login to download artifacts:
* Use {{/guestAuth}} before the URL path. For example:

An administrator can [enable guest login|Enabling Guest Login] on the *Administration \| Global Settings* page.

System administrator can assign additional roles and configure groups for Guest User account via *Guest user settings* section available on the *Users* page.

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