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Since YouTrack 3.0, _all_ issue fields are custom. By default, YouTrack contains a set of predefined most general issue fields, like Type, State, Assignee, etc. In addition to these issue fields provided by default, users can define their own attributes. These custom attributes can be used for scheduling, references, hardware specifications or whatever else a user requires to efficiently track issues.

For the details about supported issue field types, refer to the [Supported Custom Field Types] page. Custom filed type might be divided in two categories:
* Simple types, like {{'string'}}.
* Custom fields with bundles of values.

Creating new issue fields varies depending on these categories, but issue fields of all types have the following common parameters:
* *Private Access* --- if a field is set as "Private" it will be available for viewing and editing only to users which have proper permissions: "Read Issue Private Fields" and "Update Issue Private Fields" respectively.
* *Visible by default* --- if the option "Visible by default" is enabled for a field, it will be displayed in the Issues list by default. A user can choose to not display such field by configuring personal visibility parameters.
* *Auto Attached* --- if enabled, the custom field will be attached automatically to each project in YouTrack, by default. For more details, please refer to the [Attaching Custom Fields to Projects] page.

The complete list of existing custom fields in the system is available on the *Administration* -> *Custom Fields* -> *Custom fields* tab.

Each custom field can be used in multiple projects.

For further details about custom fields please refer to the following pages in this section: