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What's New in dotTrace Performance 4.0

  1. Even less intrusive than dotTrace 3.1. Almost doesn't slow down applications at all.
  2. Support for .NET Compact Framework
  3. Line-by-line profiling
  4. Support for huge snapshots. We tested it on a 500Gb file.
  5. Better history: you can now easily reuse a previous setting
  6. Annotate snapshots with custom labels to remember specific spots
  7. "What if" analysis. Pretend you've optimized a function already and see how that affects the overall performance right in the snapshot.

What's New in dotTrace Memory 3.5

  1. Support for .NET 4.0

Download [4.0 Performance] 3.5 Memory EAP

This is not release software
This website is the source for dotTrace 4.0 early builds. If you prefer using release software, go download dotTrace 3.1

dotTrace pre-release builds are published automatically. You can see ratings from other users to decide whether you should download a build and rate builds yourself. We stopped selecting special "EAP" builds ourselves as different users have different stability criteria.

Got Problems or Other Feedback?

Discussion forums

Discuss topics related to dotTrace Profiler, with us and other community members, in our web forum.

Bug tracker

If you find a bug or have a feature suggestion, you are kindly welcome to submit it into our YouTrack-based tracker

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