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h2. General IDEA features
* Code coverage integration
* Incremental test run. Re-run only tests that execute changed code
* Searchable option dialogs (MacOS X Tiger like)
* Project-wide error highlighting (to be displayed in project view)
* Floating editor tab groups
* Custom inspections and intentions based on structural search and replace templates
* Extract method refactoring enchancements. Will work in some cases, where it currectly refuses to.
* @Nullable/@NotNull annotation runtime assertions
* Version control integration usability enhancements: tree-like or list-like changes instantly available in the toolwindow.
* Inplace rename refactoring for local variables
* Module system should support notion of interface and implementation.
* Separate dependencies for module interface, implementation and test parts.
* JUnit4 support
* Background update from the VCS
* Embedded languages API: XML tag contents and attributes, java string literals
* Global inspection API
* Classic options view usability improvements.

h3. UI Designer
h2. Team Support

h3. Build and Continuous Integration Server
* Integration/Nightly/Release builds automation
* Build triggering: VCS, manual, schedule
* Build grid / cluster support
* Easy build setup from .ipr file
* Existing builds coded in aAnt or mMaven will be supported
* Instant notification
** Navigate to failed tests in IDE
** Review failure stacktrace in IDE
** Re-run failed tests locally
* History, statistics
* Run build on using local sources snapshot without committing to the VCS
* Delayed commit: build and commit if successfull
* Update to the sources of the latest successfull build
* Contact list, registered project committers
* P2P sources sync: diff with remote peer project state, ability to take changes from and to.
* Collaborative code review: auto follow me auto-follow-me navigation
* Warn if start editing file modified by someone else in terms of VCS
* Warn if simultaneous editing causes merge after commit.
* Project commiters info (online/offline, contact info, currently working on etc.)
* Project billboard
* Server-side code analysis results.

* EJB 3.0 Support
* EJB 2.1 -> EJB 3.0 Migration Assistance
* Persistence Unit Diagram Modeller
* EJB-Ooriented CodeInsight Features
* More Complete Error Checking

h3. Other Features
* Better support of for JSP fragments, included into other pages
* Miscellaneous Javascript, Html, JSP, CSS improvements.