Installing Additional Plugins

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For a list of available plugins, see [plugins list|TW:TeamCity Plugins]

h3. Installing TeamCity plugins
h3. Steps to install TeamCity plugin:
# Shutdown TeamCity server
# Copy the zip archive with the plugin into {{<[TeamCity Data Directory]>/plugins}} directory.

h3. Installing plugins that were designed to work with TeamCity versions prior to 4.0
h3. If the plugin uses obsolete, pre-4.0 packaging:

h45. Installing Jar-packaged Server-side Plugin
# Shutdown TeamCity server
# Copy the plugin jar file into {{<[TeamCity web application|TeamCity Specific Directories#tcWebApplication]>/WEB-INF/lib}} directory. Default TeamCity web application is {{<TeamCity home>/webapps/ROOT}}.

h45. Installing Agent-side Plugin (pre-4.0 packaging)

* Copy the agent plugin into {{<[TeamCity web application|TeamCity Specific Directories#tcWebApplication]>/WEB-INF/update/plugins}} directory.