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Page: Creating and Editing Custom Fields
page covers general procedures of creating, editing and deleting a custom field in YouTrack. Creating a New Custom Field Since YouTrack 3.0, we provide a Create Custom Field Wizard. Creating procedure differs depending on the category of the new field ...
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Page: DELETE Role Permission
DELETE /admin/role/\ /permission/\ Delete a permission from a role. {{DELETE /rest/admin/role/\ /permission/\{permission\}}} Parameters: Name Type Description role roleByName Name of the role to delete a permission from. permission string Permission to be deleted from ...
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Page: Editing Existing Workflows
edit and delete workflows you must have lowlevel administration permissions. Editing Workflows Editing existing workflows is quite similar to creating workflows. In general, assuming that you have installed and configured workflow editor, to edit workflow: # Open Workflow ...
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Page: Managing Roles
role in YouTrack is a set of permissions YouTrack Permissions Reference. Roles are applied to groups on a perproject basis (within specified projects). User accounts inherit roles from the groups they are member of, but also can have individual roles. Predefined Roles YouTrack ...
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