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Page: Create New Issue
POST /issue Report a new issue to YouTrack. {{POST /rest/issue?\ &\ &\ &\ &\ &\ &\ &\ &\ &\ &\ &\ &\{permittedGroup\}}} Parameters: Name Type Description project string ID of a project to add new issue to. assignee string User name to assign new issue to. summary string ...
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Page: GET Custom Field Types
GET /admin/customfield/type Get all available custom field types. {{GET /rest/admin/customfield/type}} Sample Request: GET /rest/admin/customfield/type Response: <customFieldTypeRefs> <customFieldType name="date" url=" ...
Other labels: api
Page: Initial Setup
When you run YouTrack for the first time, you will be automatically logged in as "root" user. Once you have logged in, the Initial Setup page ({{baseURL/setUp}}) opens. !initialSetup.png thumbnail! For initial setup, you should set the root password ...
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Page: Log in to YouTrack
POST /user/login Log in to YouTrack server using specified credentials. {{POST /rest/user/login?\ &\{password\}}} Parameters: Name Type Description login string User name to log in. password string Password for provided user name. Sample ...
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