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Page: EAP Build Installation
EAP Build Overview YouTrack EAP builds, just like released versions, are available in three distributions: youtrackxx.exe EXE distribution bundles Apache Tomcat application server and JRE 1.6, that is: No preinstalled software is required to run YouTrack instance. For installation ...
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Page: Early Access Program
Dear YouTrack EAP users, \\ YouTrack 5.0 was successfully released. The latest released version is available for download YouTrack "Gentle" Early Access Program is officially closed. Thank you all for your feedback ...
Page: YouTrack EAP Builds
YouTrack Harmony EAP It is important to distinguish EAP from prerelease software. Please note that the quality of EAP versions may at times be far below even usual beta standards. (on) Features Already Available for Evaluation New Reports (!) Alternative Geeky ...