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Page: .NET Testing Frameworks Support
support the realtime reporting of test results, TeamCity should either run the tests using its own test runner or be able to interact with the testing frameworks so it receives notifications on test events. Custom TeamCityaware test runners are used to implement ...
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Page: Known Issues
page contains a list of workarounds for known issues in TeamCity. Agent running as Windows Service Limitations When TeamCity build agent is installed as a Windows service, service limitations can affect the builds that the agent is running. At the same time the build can ...
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Page: MSBuild Service Tasks
MSBuild, TeamCity provides the following service tasks that implement the same options as the service messages Build Script Interaction with TeamCity#Service Messages: TeamCitySetBuildNumber {{TeamCitySetBuildNumber}} allows user to change BuildNumber: <TeamCitySetBuildNumber BuildNumber="1.3 " /> It is possible to use '\ ' as a placeholder for older ...
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Page: NUnit Addins Support
NUnit addin is an extension that plug into NUnit core and changes the way it operates. Refer to the NUnit addins page for more information. This section covers description of NUnit addins support for: NAnt build runner ...
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Page: NUnit for MSBuild
Working with NUnit Task in MSBuild Build This section assumes, that you already have a MSBuild build script with configured {{NUnit}} task in it, and want TeamCity to track test reports without making any changes to the existing build script. Otherwise, consider ...
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Page: NUnit Support
easiest way to set up NUnit tests reporting in TeamCity is to add NUnit build runner NUnit as one of the steps to your build configuration Creating and Editing Build Configurations and specify there all the required parameters. Supported NUnit versions: 2.2.10 ...
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Page: Testing Frameworks
TeamCity provides support for a number of testing frameworks. In order to reduce feedback on the build failures TeamCity tries to report the test onthefly where possible. Onthefly tests reporting means that the tests are reported in the TeamCity UI as soon as they are run not waiting for the build ...
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