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Page: Jabber Notifier Tab
tab allows you view and edit the current settings of the TeamCity Jabber notifier. Option Description \\ Jabber server \\ Specify the name of the Jabber server, through which TeamCity sends messages. \\ Server port \\ Specify the port number. \\ Server user ...
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Page: Server Configuration
Administration > Server Configuration Server Configuration Page General Tab Option Description \\ TeamCity Configuration \\ Data directory A readonly field that displays the default directory where TeamCity will save data and settings information. Please refer to TeamCity Data Directory ...
Other labels: server, configuration, guest, user, notifier, e-mail, url, authentication
Page: Setting up Google Mail and Google Talk as Notification Servers
section covers how to set up the Google Mail and Google Talk as notification servers when configuring the TeamCity server. Google Mail On the Administration Server Configuration EMail Notifier tab set the options as described below: Property Value SMTP ...
Other labels: gmail, server, google, mail, smtp, gtalk, talk
Page: TeamCity Configuration and Maintenance
Server configuration is only available to the System Administrators Role and Permission#enterpriseSysAdmin. To edit the server configuration: # In the Administration Administrationpage, click the Edit Server Configuration link. # In the Edit Server Configuration page Server Configuration, you can: # View <TeamCity data ...
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