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Page: Artifacts tab
Artifacts tab appears on the Build Results page if the build created artifacts. This tab is used to view all of the build artifacts. Click or to expand or collapse any directories; click the file name link to download the selected build artifact. \\ \\ See also ...
Other labels: artifact, ui
Page: Build Log
Build Log is a list of the events which took place when creating a build. Build log is available in the Build Results page Build Results Home Page, and enables viewing a complete log, or important messages only. You can download ...
Other labels: build, log
Page: History
Build Configuration > History tab The History tab shows the complete build history of the build configuration. In this tab you can: Filter the build history by build tags or by the agent which performed the build: !filters.png! \\ \\ See also: Concepts: Build Agent ...
Other labels: build, configuration, history, results, artifact, pin, tag, diff
Page: Overview
Build Configuration> > Overview tab Use the Overview tab to obtain summary information about the selected build configuration. Item Description \\ Current status \\ Use this field to: View the number of changes pending for the selected build configuration. If there are pending changes, click ...
Other labels: artifact, change, pending, status, build, permalink, responsibility, take