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Page: Build History Clean-Up Policy
Administration > Configure cleanup policy On this page you can enable or disable the cleanup process, set up its timing, and configure the cleanup policy CleanUp for various build configurations. The page also informs you about the next scheduled cleanup ...
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Page: Clean-Up
cleanup policy defines how to clean up build data (build log messages, developers' changes, artifacts, statistical data and so on). The cleanup policy contains a number of rules, which can be defined for a specific build configuration, and a default policy ...
Other labels: clean-up, policy, build, history
Page: Configuring Build Triggers
section covers configuring all types of the build triggers build trigger in TeamCity: VCS Triggers VCS triggers are the most often used With configured VCS Build Triggers TeamCity periodically polls VCS roots of the build configuration for changes, automatically ...
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Page: Configuring VCS Settings
TeamCity, setting up VCS parameters is one of the mandatory steps of creating a build configuration. This section provides information on the following VCS Settings: Configuring VCS Roots the main part of VCS parameters setup; a VCS Root is a description of a version control ...
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Page: VCS Checkout Rules
VCS Checkout Rules allow you to exclude paths and/or map paths (copy directories and all their contents) to a different location on the Build Agent during checkout. To add a checkout rule click the edit checkout rules link on the build configuration's Version ...
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Page: VCS Triggers
Administration > <build configuration> > Build triggering > VCS Triggers Option Description Enable triggering when updated files are checked into VCS Check this option if you want to trigger build, when pending changes appear in project. When this option is checked ...
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