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Page: 2.Version Control Settings
Administration > <project> > <build configuration> > Version Control Settings Administration > Configure VCS roots > <vcs root> > Version Control Settings This page describes the options available on the Version Control Settings page when editing build configurations: VCS Roots ...
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Page: Configuring VCS Settings
TeamCity, setting up VCS parameters is one of the mandatory steps of creating a build configuration. This section provides information on the following VCS Settings: Configuring VCS Roots the main part of VCS parameters setup; a VCS Root is a description of a version control ...
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Page: VCS Labeling
TeamCity can optionally add a label into the version control system for the sources used for a particular build. This is useful if you need to collect all of the sources for a specific build in order to recreate it. You can choose to apply the VCS label for all builds ...
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