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Page: 2.Version Control Settings
Administration > <project> > <build configuration> > Version Control Settings Administration > Configure VCS roots > <vcs root> > Version Control Settings This page describes the options available on the Version Control Settings page when editing build configurations: VCS Roots ...
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Page: Configuring VCS Settings
TeamCity, setting up VCS parameters is one of the mandatory steps of creating a build configuration. This section provides information on the following VCS Settings: Configuring VCS Roots the main part of VCS parameters setup; a VCS Root is a description of a version control ...
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Page: UI Reference
part contains detailed descriptions of the tabs and controls of the TeamCity user interface. Item Description \\ Projects Use this page to view the list of projects and their build configurations, view build results, and download artifacts. Build configurations can be expanded to show the status ...
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Page: VCS Root
VCS roots are a collection of VSC settings (paths to sources, login, password, and other settings) used by TeamCity to obtain the source files for your builds. The VCS roots are monitored by TeamCity, so that any changes uploaded to the version control system are shown ...
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