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PhpStorm 7.1.1 Release Notes

PHP Completion

WI-21563 (Feature) Possibility to extend Array Index completion
WI-4025 (Usability Problem) PHP: code completion does not suggest namespace identifier in expressions other than 'new'
WI-19515 (Usability Problem) Exclude current key on array key autocompletion
WI-12473 (Bug) PHP: completion doesn't auto-complete params/variables names in use statement of the closure
WI-10924 (Bug) The IDE does not suggest the class with the same name but from the different namespace
WI-21739 (Bug) Namespaces are shown in completion list for goto labels
WI-21806 (Bug) Namespaces are shown in completion inside string literal
WI-21569 (Bug) Don't complete keywords after namespace reference
WI-16317 (Bug) Empty class is shown in completion if invalid class name exists
WI-21705 (Bug) Backslash prepended to standard functions inside namespace.
WI-4591 (Bug) 'final' keyword completion inside interface
WI-18202 (Bug) use keyword isn't in the list of completion items inside class and trait

PHP Formatter

WI-21328 (Usability Problem) Missing indent for method call after variable name
WI-20318 (Bug) For extends/implements usual indent is using instead of continuation indent

PHP Inspections

WI-21533 (Cosmetics) Annotator bug: several "No content allowed before namespace declaration" warnings on one line
WI-21133 (Bug) throw Exception::factory() will confuse parser and cause validation errors.
WI-11472 (Bug) Missing break statement: Cannot suppress PhpMissingBreakStatementInspection with stacked case statements.
WI-17631 (Bug) Unused private method: incorrect warning if such private method is used directly inside double-quoted string

PHP Refactoring

WI-6140 (Usability Problem) Rename: User friendly class rename refactoring: Renaming namespace "Namespace" to "OtherNamespace\Sub" renames it to "Sub" only.
WI-21548 (Usability Problem) Move Namespace: Cancelling Moved Related Namespaces dialog doesn't cancel movement of namespace in the initial file
WI-21585 (Usability Problem) Move class: trigger error about already existing class although refactoring doesn't change anything
WI-21594 (Usability Problem) Cancel constructor inserting inserts code anyway
WI-19241 (Usability Problem) Extract Interface: undo need to be performed twice if interface in another namespace
WI-21555 (Bug) Extract Interface: creates inconsistent PHPDoc for @property
WI-21557 (Bug) Move Class: Doesn't change occurrences of class when moving from global namespace
WI-21558 (Bug) Move class: change appearance of class name during move from global namespace to global namespace
WI-20908 (Bug) Rename inheritors doesn't take into account namespace
WI-21547 (Bug) Move Namespace: default directory is invalid for Related Namespace if the file is located in the root of the project
WI-17319 (Bug) Class move: Shoud search for noncode usages

PHP frameworks

WI-21334 (Exception) Framework Integration setting does not work

PHP lang

WI-8653 (Feature) Links in PhpDoc not clickable in editor (@link)
WI-20512 (Feature) ENT_HTML401 constant is shown as known even with PHP5.3 language level
WI-19110 (Usability Problem) Complete Statement badly influenced by syntax error
WI-20781 (Usability Problem) Find PHP Method usages Panel presentation need improvements
WI-21632 (Cosmetics) Wrong constructor parameter auto-complete hint
WI-17558 (Bug) "Mix braced namespace declarations with braceless namespace declarations" is not highlighted
WI-13866 (Bug) Find for implemented/overrided methods is not supported
WI-17404 (Bug) @method doesn't use namespace
WI-21521 (Bug) File and Code Templates: Wrong field PhpDoc autocompletion for one line template
WI-21490 (Bug) Unused private method: warning if such private method is used only as a callable parameter
WI-16094 (Bug) Copy Reference: inserts invalid $ sign to constant
WI-20690 (Bug) Find usages of base class works differently for abstract and usual class
WI-21487 (Bug) PHP inspections stuck due to @mixin loop
WI-21512 (Bug) Convert namespace to braced insert additional "{" for mixed namespaces
WI-21516 (Bug) Function declaration current parameter highlight is wrong
WI-21475 (Bug) Convert to short syntax array literal breaks the code

PHP lib stubs

WI-21198 (Bug) Wrong signature for alias function mysql_numrows
WI-20201 (Bug) Incomplete docs for settype()
WI-21610 (Bug) Missing parameter in json_encode() stub
WI-18346 (Bug) date_diff() invalid return value in PHPDoc
WI-10522 (Bug) "pg_fetch_result" with two parameters is reported as incorrect
WI-21675 (Bug) Missing return definition for MongoCollection::distinct()

PHP templates

WI-21603 (Bug) Smarty parser stucks
WI-21690 (Bug) Smarty: ldelim & rdelim not recognized by inspection
WI-21478 (Bug) Smarty editor broken

No subsystem

IDEA-81277 (Feature) Show Constraints for Data Sources
IDEA-118159 (Feature) "Search Everywhere" inconsistent api on ItemPresentation
IDEA-74428 (Feature) Provide UI for changing log settings
IDEA-113344 (Usability Problem) An easy way to exit from full screen mode using mouse
IDEA-78206 (Bug) Constructing 'mailto' link -> cannot resolve file 'mailto'
IDEA-118691 (Bug) Quick Documentation (Ctrl+Q) often does not display correct javadoc after checking parameters with CTRL+P
IDEA-118696 (Bug) Replace with regex: IOOBE at SegmentArray.findSegmentIndex()
IDEA-118745 (Bug) Show directory in editor tabs for non-unique filenames doesn't work for non-project files
IDEA-117835 (Bug) Some IntelliJ IDEA icons are fuzzy on MacBook Pro with Retina
IDEA-117555 (Bug) Search everywhere dialog is being closed immediately
IDEA-117831 (Bug) After deleting last live template in a group, I can't click OK.
IDEA-118718 (Bug) Occasionally seeing "Low disk space on a IntelliJ IDEA system directory partition"
IDEA-116071 (Bug) Field can be final inspection change
IDEA-118587 (Bug) IDEA may not exit with black window


WEB-10225 (Bug) Injected HTML: goto CSS declaration does not see the other fragments.

Code Analysis. Duplicates

IDEA-117649 (Bug) "Locate Duplicates" action seems to not work with "Class Hierarchy" custom scope.

Code Formatting and Code Style

IDEA-116006 (Usability Problem) Eclipse code style import: import the same xml does not pick up changes until manual synchronization
IDEA-114952 (Usability Problem) Eclipse code style import: would be nice to remember imported file location
IDEA-96723 (Bug) Java Rearranger deletes blank lines in field declarations
IDEA-116940 (Bug) @formatter:off still generating braces
IDEA-118264 (Bug) Rearrange Entries stopped working in Intellij 13
IDEA-94950 (Exception) Code Style | Arrangement: AIOOBE at ArrangementMatchingRulesModel.removeRow() on removing the last rule that is in edit mode

Code Navigation

IDEA-104706 (Usability Problem) Remove currently active file from "Recent Files" popup


WEB-7251 (Bug) renaming a variable with @ in coffeescript is not allowed
WEB-9497 (Bug) CoffeeScript: Incorrect end of line expected in extends clause
WEB-10065 (Bug) Good code is red
WEB-9888 (Bug) Good coffeescript marked red
WEB-8867 (Bug) CoffeeScript: Unused warnings
WEB-9899 (Bug) CoffeeScript parser incorrectly determines function parameter count
WEB-9964 (Exception) CoffeeScript: AssertionError on editing expression with injected RegExp

Compiling Project

IDEA-100672 (Bug) Artifact not updated on build


RUBY-14423 (Bug) "Find Usages" in a cucumber step definition no longer shows the cucumber step as matching


IDEA-96081 (Feature) Navigation bar could work for database objects, table editor, database console
IDEA-117701 (Feature) Database: Ability to interactively change the password after login
IDEA-116280 (Feature) Set cursor at postgresql error position
IDEA-117925 (Usability Problem) Unsaved data sources changes are not considered for some actions
IDEA-118326 (Usability Problem) Assign Data Sources | Data Source row should indicate user can change it
IDEA-117199 (Bug) Database console: incorrect icons for consoles when trying to run a .sql file
IDEA-118705 (Bug) Database: navigation to 'Referencing Rows Only' doesn't show the filter criteria that was used
IDEA-117976 (Bug) Database table editor: Enter should start editing of value in selected cell
IDEA-117991 (Bug) When refreshing datasources tree show databases before refreshing all the items
IDEA-110464 (Bug) IDEA SQL plugin cannot connect to remote database over VPN
IDEA-119501 (Bug) View editor operation fails for DB2 tables
IDEA-119313 (Bug) Copy path problem
IDEA-108516 (Bug) Unable to rename schema of DDL Data Source in Database panel
IDEA-119129 (Bug) Use alternative table scanning method when user has no read access to all databases
IDEA-118283 (Bug) Database: "Rename table" for MySQL tables causes exception
IDEA-119119 (Bug) MySQL views with subquery in definition fail to open
IDEA-117802 (Bug) DDL data source in Database tab doesn't support multiple schemas
IDEA-117670 (Bug) Database: TableEditor invalid navigate via foreign key
IDEA-119245 (Exception) Database console: IOOBE at SegmentArray.findSegmentIndex()


WEB-9566 (Feature) Debugger: optionally ignore certificate errors
IDEA-105253 (Cosmetics) Missing icon for Thread dumps view
WEB-10283 (Bug) JS chrome Debug: fails with Nesting problem when changing value in debugger
WEB-10360 (Bug) Javascript debugger with non unique file names


PY-6095 (Bug) Accepting a completion with TAB results in a syntax error
RUBY-14617 (Bug) do[enter] inserts DocumentError instead of a new line

Editor. Code Completion

IDEA-117327 (Task) Add a setting to switch off autopopup completion item selection by Enter
IDEA-115727 (Bug) Cyclic Expand Word leaves word highlighted
IDEA-117511 (Bug) Hippie completion not working as expected in Intellij 13

Editor. Editing Text

IDEA-57940 (Bug) Cyclic expand word should take into account all open files
IDEA-113684 (Bug) Soft wraps insert additional spaces
IDEA-117127 (Exception) Editor: Throwable on Select word at caret inside plain text

Editor. Error Highlighting

IDEA-23831 (Bug) highlight usages: problems with split files

Find, Replace, Find Usages

IDEA-118742 (Performance Problem) UI Hang during search
IDEA-104735 (Cosmetics) Dracula: INVALID string have not dracula style red color in Find Occurance tool window.
IDEA-119153 (Bug) file search too wide for users folder
IDEA-97930 (Bug) Idea 12: Find Usages (Alt-F7) always searches in libraries by default, disregards the Scope setting


WEB-8262 (Bug) Comment with line/block comment STILL doesn't work on HTML in ASP file
WEB-2229 (Bug) Html with strict DTD doesn't end the img tag properly

IDE Configuration

IDEA-118292 (Usability Problem) Confusing custom config/system path configuration in (${idea.config.path} is not expanded)
IDEA-118111 (Bug) Can't close IDEA 13 (Ubuntu linux)
IDEA-118330 (Bug) IDE hangs
IDEA-118763 (Bug) Can't start IDEA after deinstalling a plugin
IDEA-119470 (Bug) File and code templates: changes gone when switching tabs


IDEA-118211 (Performance Problem) Performance problem when closing project

Injections in PHP

WI-21150 (Usability Problem) CREATE UNIQUE INDEX should be detected as SQL injected language

IntelliJ Platform

WI-13685 (Bug) PhpStorm doesn't save project name

Java. Code Completion

IDEA-94683 (Bug) Completion popup loses focus when viewing documentation (sometimes, almost always)


IDEA-117883 (Cosmetics) Inspection descriptions talk about "the list/checkbox below"


WEB-7157 (Bug) Variable to which the result of 'require' call is assigned is not highlighted as unused
WEB-10171 (Bug) Usage of unintialized variable not reported
WEB-6700 (Bug) TODOs not recognized on multiple level language template
WEB-6911 (Bug) Mysteriously missed Debug file in JavaScript Library
WEB-8170 (Bug) Code completion issue with NodeJS and module.exports
WEB-6168 (Bug) ExtJS: external documentation for ExtJS 4.1 doesn't work
WEB-849 (Bug) "Comment with line comment" on empty line in <script> block generates HTML instead of JS comment
WEB-10532 (Bug) IntelliJ IDEA 13 Freezes editing JavaScript
WEB-9817 (Bug) Node.js: global functions defined as 'global['name']' not resolved

JavaScript. Formatter

WEB-7553 (Bug) Incorrect indentation with chained calls

Language Injection

IDEA-79522 (Bug) need ability to set display names for xml attribute and xml tag language injections
IDEA-111535 (Bug) Edit Language Fragment: Synchronization is broken after tab drag
IDEA-119619 (Bug) Settings / Language Injections: project level XML tag injection loses Sub-Tags value on IDE restart


WEB-10309 (Bug) Stepping through node debugging session fails with sourcemapped files if built files are excluded from workspace (repo steps and example project)
WEB-9517 (Bug) Npm: Error loading package list

Packaging and Installation

IDEA-118446 (Bug) Installation and plugin update (patch) download ignores Settings / HTTP Proxy

Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..

WI-21673 (Cosmetics) Typo in the FTP warning message
WI-21460 (Bug) Any In place server mapping with '/' in Web Path is replaced with mapping with project root in local path

Plugin: Drupal support

WI-21662 (Bug) Drush output parsing broken on null options description

Project View

IDEA-118250 (Usability Problem) IntelliJ thinks intentional new directory names are filenames and tries to default them to files

REST Client

WEB-9845 (Bug) REST-Tool: Save Request to .xml


IDEA-93034 (Usability Problem) SQL: MySQL: erasing the first backtick could erase the pair
IDEA-50739 (Usability Problem) SQL: Insert Values Inspection: do not warn (optionally?) if absent arguments can be inserted due to DEFAULT clauses
IDEA-119260 (Usability Problem) PostgreSQL: ALTER ROLE/DATABASE SET search_path not parsed correctly
IDEA-116149 (Usability Problem) PostgreSQL: Missing column alias when subquery uses CAST or ::
IDEA-119255 (Usability Problem) PostgreSQL: ORDER BY in aggregate only allows two sort columns
IDEA-118945 (Bug) HSQLDB dialect does not recognize DB2/MSS/PGS syntaxes
IDEA-119287 (Bug) MySQL "set names <encoding>" treated as error in database console
IDEA-46068 (Bug) SQLite: REINDEX with collation name is yellow
IDEA-118076 (Bug) rename alias in SQL console surrounds alias with quotes
IDEA-116905 (Bug) PostgreSQL: window function "min" has errors
IDEA-117208 (Bug) MySQL reformat fails to convert null literal to upercase
IDEA-117850 (Bug) Code Style > SQL > New Line before - Join Condition does not work when unchecked
IDEA-117092 (Bug) Submit MySQL query stucks with special comment
IDEA-117606 (Bug) PostgreSQL: references to user are not resolved
IDEA-116407 (Bug) Oracle callable <statement> expected false positive
IDEA-118573 (Bug) Oracle "DROP INDEX" marked as syntax error
IDEA-113174 (Bug) Oracle SQL: support INSERT INTO in prepared statements
IDEA-119582 (Bug) Oracle database "create type body" is parsed incorrectly under "Oracle SQL*Plus" dialect
IDEA-119258 (Bug) PostgreSQL: HEADER keyword in COPY highlighted as error
IDEA-119653 (Bug) Database plugin marks blob column definition as error on hsqldb
IDEA-117431 (Bug) Identifier quotation will incorrectly quote MySQL variables
IDEA-104127 (Bug) Good code is red: using parameters to a stored procedure as values on a limit clause
IDEA-119321 (Bug) PostgreSQL: OFFSET is allowed before LIMIT
IDEA-117899 (Bug) SQL: column scope is not determined correctly
IDEA-57415 (Bug) SQL: HSQLDB: quoted names are resolved ignoring case
IDEA-117313 (Bug) Oracle syntax problem
IDEA-119105 (Bug) MySQL lowercase functions are not resolved
IDEA-119193 (Bug) DB2 validator does not understand the "DEFINITION ONLY" clause
IDEA-119290 (Bug) PostgreSQL 9.3: DROP/ALTER MATERIALIZED VIEW not supported
IDEA-117129 (Bug) Bad indent of brace in MySQL JOIN


WEB-10058 (Bug) Typescript reference
WEB-10082 (Bug) TypeScript: Type problems with namespaces

Unit Tests

WEB-10387 (Bug) Mocha console log statements are not correctly aligned to their encasing tests

User Interface

IDEA-119445 (Usability Problem) Remove first slash in "copy reference"
IDEA-118616 (Bug) Lens mode with tool windows on the right side
IDEA-117772 (Bug) Deadlock IDEA 13

User Interface.Darcula

IDEA-118004 (Cosmetics) Find's Regex Help Popup table header bad color with darcula


PY-11687 (Feature) RFE: Pass Shell Variables to Vagrant
PY-9994 (Feature) Multiple Vagrant configurations in Vagrantfile
PY-9869 (Feature) Cannot execute "vagrant provision" from PyCharm
PY-9854 (Feature) Cannot start Vagrant with --provider=vmware_fusion
PY-10756 (Usability Problem) Vagrant icons don't show when actions are added to the toolbar
PY-11755 (Usability Problem) Vagrant: loading settings takes significant amout of time if there are some plugins installed
PY-8995 (Usability Problem) Vagrant: propose to add vagrant box when there is no one yet configured
PY-11493 (Cosmetics) Vagrant: up icon is too small compared to the rest of the icons
PY-11699 (Bug) no vagrant box in settings
PY-11750 (Bug) Vagrant: Init: project selection popup is not closed after selection
PY-11691 (Exception) Exception on every Vagrant settings open
PY-11751 (Exception) Vagrant: Init: Access is allowed from event dispatch thread only. Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.application.impl.ApplicationImpl.a

Version Control

IDEA-115594 (Usability Problem) 'Commit Changes' dialog joins two (or more) previous commit messages
IDEA-115901 (Usability Problem) VCS-Log: Save view selection on refresh
IDEA-116242 (Usability Problem) Allow multiple user selection in the user filter of new VCS Log
IDEA-116834 (Performance Problem) Moving through the list of filtered commits is slow
IDEA-117680 (Bug) Changes from 2 selected commits aren't merged, 2 files with the same name are shown in the right part of panel
IDEA-119247 (Bug) Git log filtered results should be requested from Git pre-sorted by --date-order
IDEA-116718 (Bug) Git Log: Moving selection skips some commits
IDEA-118644 (Bug) Apply patch places new file in new package into incorrect source root

Version Control. Git

IDEA-116738 (Bug) git amend: does not process line endings correctly
IDEA-114111 (Bug) Cherry pick doesn't commit renamed files
IDEA-116207 (Bug) When selecting several commits in git log, and invoking "Show Diff", diff is empty

Version Control. Perforce

IDEA-119183 (Bug) Perforce: when 'use login authentication' option is off, it is impossible to go online from offline mode
IDEA-119189 (Bug) Perforce: when 'use login authentication' is off, it is impossible to work with the integration


IDEA-115702 (Exception) DomAnchorImpl exception
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