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Welcome to YouTrack InCloud Documentation Home!

What will I get with YouTrack InCloud?

What would you get with YouTrack InCloud?

Important note about log in to YouTrack InCloud

Newly created instance

When YouTrack InCloud instance is created, you will be automatically logged in as system administrator of your instance with your JetBrains Account credentials and will be navigated to the initial Setup procedure. Here you can view your current subscription plan details, configure user registration and enable guest user account for your instance.

Your JetBrains Account, which is created for you during the registration for YouTrack InCloud is automatically merged with the default 'root' account, and thus when you use your JetBrains account to log into YouTrack, you are automatically logged in as system administrator of your instance. To restore your 'root' password you should use the e-mail address you specified for the JetBrains Account.

Where can I find more info and documentation?

YouTrack InCloud uses the latest released YouTrack version, so to get more details on usage, please refer to the current main YouTrack Documentation space.

For starters, please check the basic Quick Start with YouTrack InCloud page.

Handy Doc Links

Here are direct links to most handy docs, you might need:

Where can I send my feedback?

We'd love to hear your feedback about your experience with YouTrack InCloud:

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