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Time Tracking allows your users to log their work on particular issue and track the progress and spent time. Also, it enables you to create Time Reports based on a variety of parameters.

To start using Time Tracking, you should enable this option for your project and configure its parameters (fields that are used for estimation and tracking time).

When Time Tracking is enabled and configured for your project, you can:

Enabling and Configuring Time Tracking

To enable Time Tracking in your project:

  1. Open "Administration > Projects > <your project> > Time Tracking" tab ad select the "Enable time tracking for project" check box.
  2. By default, YouTrack will search for existing fields named 'Estimation' and 'Spent Time' of the 'period' type in the system. If no such fields are found in your project, you will be prompted to create/attach these fields automatically. Depending on wether these fields are not attached to project at all or you have an estimation field of another type (e.g. used with Agile Board), you will be prompted to either create needed fields and attach them to your project or to convert existing ones to the "period" type field.

    • You can skip this step and create and configure fields later, however please note that you must configure Estimation and Spent time fields in order to use Time tracking in your project.
    • Fields that are used as Estimation and Spent time must be of the period type to be used in Time Tracking.
  3. Select the needed option in the dialog and click OK. If you've chosen the recommended procedure and opted for the auto-configuration, you will see the configured Time Tracking fields for your project. Basically that is all you need to configure, and you can start using time tracking:

    If you opted for manual configuration, then you should create, attach period fields to your project, and then select them as "Estimation" and "Spent time" fields.

When Time Tracking is successfully enabled and configured for your project, the following changes are made to all its issues:

  • Estimation field with dynamic progress indicator is added. Indicator is visible when Estimation is configured.
  • Spent time field, which is not available for manual editing, is added.
  • The "Time Tracking" tab, which allows logging work items, is added and visible for each issue in full-screen issue viewing mode:

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