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Integration with Zendesk is available only starting with YouTrack 4.2 EAP opening.

Zendesk integration allows you to share tickets between Zendesk and YouTrack. When integration is enabled and configured, shared Zendesk tickets and created from them YouTrack issues will be synced automatically.

Enabling and Configuring Zendesk Integration

The process of enabling and configuring integration with Zendesk contains two parts:

  • Initiating a sharing invite from Zendesk to YouTrack
  • Accepting the sharing invite in YouTrack and configuring integration parameters in YouTrack

To add new sharing invite to YouTrack from your Zendesk instance, please proceed as follows:

  1. In your Zendesk instance, open Settings > Tickets > Tickets Sharing administration section and click add sharing invite link.
  2. In the "Share tickets with..." dialog, select "a third party" button
  3. In the "Sharing tickets with third-party system" form, in the Sharing URL field type in the URL to your YouTrack instance in the following format: http://<baseURL of YouTrack>/rest/networkedhelpdesk. Then, select the Name for the connection and integrating parameters.

    Please note that you can find and copy/paste the correct Sharing URL in the info pane on the Administration > Zendesk Integration page of your YouTrack.

  4. When you done with configuration, click Send button and then log in to your YouTrack instance for the second part of configuration.

To accept invite from Zendesk and configure integration parameters, proceed as follows:

  1. In YouTrack, open Administration > Zendesk Integration and if the invite parameters were correct, you will see the pending sharing invite from your Zendesk.
  2. Click the name of the invite to configure integration parameters and accept sharing agreement.
  3. In the appeared dialog select the project, in which issues from shared Zendesk tickets will be created.
  4. Select an issue field to sync with shared Zendesk tickets Status.

    Please note that you won't be able to change selected project and status field once you have accepted the agreement.

  5. If needed, select Permitted group — user group, members of which will have permission to view issues created from shared Zendesk tickets.
  6. Optionally, provide Command to be applied to each issue created from the shared Zendesk ticket.
  7. When done configuring, accept the agreement by clicking the button of the same name.

That's it. You are ready to use Zendest Integration.

Using Zendesk Integration

While using Zendesk Integration you should remember one key point: to share a ticket with YouTrack, you must select your connected YouTrack in the Share field, when creating or editing a ticket in Zendesk.

If you set a ticket as shared, an issue will be created in YouTrack.

Current ticket status will be set to the issue field selected in the integration properties. If a Zendesk ticket reporter does not have account in YouTrack, a user account will be created.

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