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Setting Java Start Parameters

YouTrack is a Java application and supports the following Java "-D" parameters that you can provide while either starting YouTrack from the command line or in the your JVM parameters.

If you installed YouTrack using EXE distribution...

If you have installed YouTrack from EXE Distribution, then proceed as follows to set JVM properties in Tomcat:

  1. Stop currently running YouTrack service. Open Control panel > Administrative tools > Services and stop 'YouTrack Web Server' service.
  2. In the <YouTrack Installation Directory>/bin start Tomcat's service configuration editor by executing the command

  3. Switch to the Java tab and then edit the Java Options (for more information see Tomcat 6 documentation)
  4. Exit Tomcat's service configuration editor.
  5. Start 'YouTrack Web Server' service.

General Parameters

Parameter Description
database.location Specify location of the YouTrack database. You can use this parameter to change default database location. Read more about database location.
database.backup.location Specify folder to which database backups should be saved. Could be used to override the UI setting. Read more
user.home Specify location of the "USER HOME" directory.

Please note, that modifying this variable affects database location (by default, the location is "${user.home}/teamsysdata") and logs location. Re-set the current email address specified for the 'root' account.
root.jabber Re-set the current Jabber account specified for the 'root' account.
jetbrains.youtrack.baseUrl Provide explicitly the baseURL of your YouTrack instance. Read more about baseURL.
jetbrains.mps.webr.log4jPath Specify full path to the custom log4j configuration file. For example,
jetbrains.webr.maxUploadFileSize Define the maximum allowed size for a uploaded files.
jetbrains.charisma.restoreRootPassword Reset the current root account password to the default "root".
jetbrains.youtrack.disableBrowser Set to 'true' to disable auto-opening of the default browser after YouTrack starts. Specify email address used as "mailto" address for "Contact support" on the error screen.

Parameters added in YouTrack 5.0

Since YouTrack 5.0 the following start parameters are supported:

Parameter Description
jetbrains.youtrack.overrideRootPassword Provide a new password for the 'root' account.
jetbrains.youtrack.enableSmtp Enable/disable sending notifications to users via email.
jetbrains.youtrack.smtpHost Specify SMTP Host name to be used for sending email notifications.
jetbrains.youtrack.smtpPort Specify SMTP Host name to be used for sending email notifications.
jetbrains.youtrack.mailProtocol Specify the desired protocol for sending email notifications.
jetbrains.youtrack.smtpFrom Specify the email address to be used as the "From:" address for the email notifications.
jetbrains.youtrack.smtpLogin User name to log in to the SMTP server.
jetbrains.youtrack.smtpPassword Password to log in to the SMTP server.
jetbrains.youtrack.enableJabber Enable/disable sending notifications to users via Jabber protocol.
jetbrains.youtrack.jabberServer Specify Jabber server to be used for sending notifications.
jetbrains.youtrack.jabberPort Specify port number for the Jabber server.
jetbrains.youtrack.jabberLogin User name to log in to specified Jabber server.
jetbrains.youtrack.jabberPassword Password to log in to specified Jabber server.
jetbrains.youtrack.licenseName Provide user name for the valid license agreement.
jetbrains.youtrack.licenseKey Provide the valid license key.
jetbrains.youtrack.disableCheckForUpdate Set to "true" to disable the automatic checking for updates.
jetbrains.youtrack.disableUserRegistration Set to "true" to restrict user registration.
jetbrains.youtrack.enableCaptcha Enable/disable using CAPTCHA on the login screen of your YouTrack instance.
jetbrains.youtrack.captchaPublicKey Provide 'Public Key' for the CAPTCHA
jetbrains.youtrack.captchaPrivateKey Provide 'Private Key' for the CAPTCHA
jetbrains.youtrack.enableGuest Enable/disable anonymous access to your YouTrack instance, that is: toggle on/off 'guest' user account.

Parameters added in YouTrack 5.1

Parameter Description
jetbrains.charisma.enableJiraComponentsAsTags Allow to import components as tags from Jira (by default this is disabled in 5.1)
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