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Welcome to YouTrack 5.x documentation space!

Important notice


Before upgrading to the new version, please read the Upgrade Instructions!
YouTrack 5.0 has significant changes that might require correction for the start parameters.

  • Localization
    • Out of the box, YouTrack speaks German, French, Spanish and Russian.
    • Translate YouTrack to your language on your own
  • Agile board enhanced:
    • Cross-project Agile Board
    • Multiple Boards — no limitations in number of boards: create and keep as many boards as you like.
    • Private and public Boards — just like issue, comments, tags, etc., a board has now has visibility settings.
    • Swimlane Context — support for different contexts for grouping issues in swimlanes.
    • Personal Task Board — set board visibility to "Me only" and enjoy your own personal task board within YouTrack.
    • New Backlog Management — the backlog is now displayed as a tree and supports drag-n-drop for an issue with all its subtasks to the board directly from the backlog.
    • Contrast 'Darcula' TV scheme for the Board — specifically designed for TV, the new scheme is contrast and highly visible from a distance.
  • Restyled UI:
    • Unified design and layouts for full screen, edit and create issue screens: same place for fields everywhere
    • Field labels are permanently visible
    • Drag-n-drop files to an issue to attach them
    • Clear but detailed comments view
    • Updated menu components design
    • Restyled edit and delete issue icons
  • Similar issues: while creating or editing an issue in full issue screen, you can view a list of issues similar to the current one.
  • Clone Issue: clone issues within a project with just one simple command.
  • Generate Issue Template URL: fill in necessary fields for a new issue, generate URL to ease up creating new issues for your users.
  • Wiki Markup now supports inserting HTML tags, mentioning YouTrack users and new list formatting
  • Screenshot Tool with completely reworked look and feel, support for comments, new highlight tool, and ability to draw straight lines (hold CTRL key while drawing).
  • System-wide banner: display any notification you need for all users in your tracker.

For more detailed list of new features and enhancements, please refer to the What's New in YouTrack 5.0 page.

YouTrack Documentation

Where to Look First

To start with, especially if you are new to YouTrack, we recommend you to take a look at our Quick Start Guides. Learn how to create and edit issues, use commands to change one or several issues at once, how to search for issues, how to use tags and saved searches, take screenshots within YouTrack and attach files to issues, how to receive notifications about changes in issues, and so on.

In addition to these guides, take a look at YouTrack demos — the quickest way to get familiar with YouTrack.

Where to next? Give a try to YouTrack FAQ — maybe your questions have been answered already.

For the most thorough users: dig into Search Query and Commands reference to learn about all available command attributes, commands and search query grammar.

Installation and Upgrade

This section will help users to install YouTrack on various platforms and upgrade already existing instance to a new version.

For those of you who are going to upgrade an existing installation to YouTrack 5.0, it's highly recommended to view Upgrade Instructions page before starting the upgrade.

Administrator's Guide

Administrator's guide is for users with administrator permissions in YouTrack. It will help you to configure general settings of your YouTrack instance, manage your YouTrack database (i.e. configure database location, back up and restore your data), create and manage projects, add users and groups, configure user roles and permissions, create and manage custom issue fields.

Import to YouTrack

This guide will help you to import your existing data from other issue tracking systems to YouTrack using YouTrack's Python Client Library. Currently, you can import data from Google Code Issue Tracker, Bugzilla, FogBugz, Mantis, and Trac. Also, you can import existing projects or even a single issue from another YouTrack installation.

Last, but not the least, import option is Import from a CSV File, which allows importing data from any issue tracker, in fact.

YouTrack also supports import from Atlassian Jira. However, importing issues from Jira is slightly different from other importing options and is not implemented via the Python Client Library. You can import projects from your Jira instance right from YouTrack's web UI.

Integration with External tools

Learn how to extend YouTrack abilities by integrating with external tools. Enable and configure mailbox integration to create issues automatically from emails, enable LDAP and OpenID support, enable and configure integration with test management tools to help your testers and QAs, and integrate YouTrack with TeamCity to not only automatically set 'fixed in build' fields but to enable integration with VCS and apply commands (fix issues, change their state, priority, assignee, etc.) to issues right from comments to your commits. Direct integration with GitHub allows you (if you are a GitHub user) to apply commands to issues from commit comments without using TeamCity.

We also provide support for OpenSearch format so you can search for issues in YouTrack from your browser skipping the step of opening the issue tracker.

REST API Reference

YouTrack provides powerful functionality that helps you perform various actions programmatically via its RESTful API. We provide YouTrack Rest API Reference, which is divided in four sections:

  • General REST API reference for methods which are related to issue operations, like create or edit issues, methods for tags and saved searches, etc.
  • Administration REST API reference for methods related to managing projects, users and groups, creating and editing issue fields, creating link types and viewing statistics.
  • Import REST API methods which allow importing issues, users and other data to YouTrack.
  • Export Rest API methods for exporting YouTrack data.

YouTrack Demos

Issue Search

Using Commands

More demos

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