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YouTrack Workflow Guide

With YouTrack Energy we present the brand new YouTrack workflow, which allows you to customize an issue's lifecycle.

  • To get a quick introduction to YouTrack Workflow, please refer to the Workflow Overview page.
  • To view definitions of workflow rules with samples, please refer to the Workflow Rules page.
  • To get a quick introduction to YouTrack Workflow Editor, take a look at YouTrack Workflow Editor overview.

    Useful keyboard shortcuts


    In Workflow Editor please use Ctrl+Space to invoke code completion and Ctrl+P (Cmd+P on Mac OS) to view suggestions for possible parameters of a method.

  • Before you start creating and editing workflows, we recommend you refer to the 'Default Workflows' page and our Workflow Repository to get detailed explanations and samples of workflows provided in YouTrack by default.
  • For general procedures of creating new workflow, editing and deleting existing ones, attaching workflows, etc., please refer to the Managing Workflows section.
  • To get acquainted with workflow language, please take a look at the Workflow Language Quick Reference — in one page, you will find all supported methods with explanations and samples.
  • For more details about supported methods, statements, operators, and other keywords, please refer to Workflow Language Reference section.