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Before you begin:


If you try to re-import same project several times, then you must delete previously imported data before the next attempt.

Importing Issues from One YouTrack Instance to Another

This document covers importing issues from one YouTrack server to another using the Python Client Library.

Version compatibility note

Current implementation of the Python Client Library and scripts is compatible with YouTrack 3.0+ REST API and Python 2.6. If you use YouTrack 2.x, please refer to YouTrack Release Downloads Archive for the YouTrack 2.x compatible versions of the library and scripts.

Issues are imported per project, a project should be specified by its projectID. When issues are imported all their atributes are imported, including users (from Reporter and Assignee issue fields) and custom fields.

Notes about permissions, imported user accounts and custom fields
  • A user account you use to log in to source YouTrack server should have enough permissions to read issues and all their attributes including custom fields for the project to be imported. A user account you use to log into target YouTrack server should have enough permissions to create new project, new user accounts, and custom attributes, i.e. it should have administrator permissions. We recommend to use administrator accounts for both source and target servers.
  • When a user account is imported, it will be created with the new randomly generated password. That is, when a user logs into the target YouTrack server with his username from the source server, on the Login page he should type his username and then use the Send password restore E-mail link to restore the password.
  • Only those custom fields that are used in the target project will be imported from the source YouTrack server.

To import all issues in a project from one YouTrack server to another:

  1. Download the latest version of YouTrack's Python Client Library and unzip it.
  2. Ensure that either Python is installed in your system.
  3. Execute the following command:
    The following command-line parameters should be provided:




    An URL to a source YouTrack server you want to import issues from.


    Username to log in to a source YouTrack server.


    Password to log in to the source YouTrack server.


    An URL to a target YouTrack server you want to import issues to.


    Username to log into the target YouTrack server.


    Password to log in to the target YouTrack server.


    projectID of a project you want to import to the target YouTrack server.