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YouTrack provides powerful functionality that helps you perform various actions programmatically via its RESTful API, including:

  • Importing issues from your current bug tracking system — for smoother migration to YouTrack.
  • Creating, modifying, and performing other operations programmatically — so you can seamlessly integrate YouTrack into your environment. For example, via automated issue submission from third-party applications.
  • Manipulating projects, users, groups, roles, issue link types, and custom attributes.

The REST API is always enabled.
To check that the REST API is enabled, try, for example, the following URL: http://<baseURL to your server>/rest/admin/project. If you have sufficient access permissions you will get an XML file with the list of projects. Like this:

Also, since YouTrack 4.0, we provide CORS support. Please see administration doc for details.

Available Tools Based on YouTrack REST API

Before you start using REST API for you own development, you might want to take a look at the already available tools, which use YouTrack REST API:

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