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Saving a Search Query

In YouTrack you can save a search query for future use:

  1. Execute a search request and click + button at the beginning of the search box:
  2. In the Save search dialog, provide the name for the new Saved Search:
  3. If needed change default saved search parameters:

Saved searches available for a user are displayed in the side panel in the Saved Searches list. Pinned saved searches are always shown in the Saved Searches list and are also added to the list of available search contexts.

Executing Previously Saved Search

To execute a previously saved search query, do either of the following:

  • type 'saved search:' in the search box, specify the name of a previously saved search query from the completion list, and press Enter to execute the search query.
  • select the saved search in the left-sidebar or in the drop-down list of user's saved searches and tags in the top navigation bar.
  • if the saved search is pinned, select the saved search as context (in the Context menu to the left of the search box):

Sharing a Saved Search

Initially, a saved search is created as private, that is, only the user who saved this query can view and edit it. YouTrack allows you to share a saved search with a user group.

Just as for tags, you can share a saved search with a user group at two levels:

  • visibility –-- a saved search becomes visible for all members of selected group.
  • editing –-- all members of a selected group can edit or delete a saved search.

To share a saved search:

  1. Open Edit saved search dialog.
  2. Select user group name in the Visible for group list to set a group the tag will be visible to.
  3. Select user group name in the Updatable by group list to set a group the tag will be available for editing.

Pinning Saved Search to Sidebar and Search Context

YouTrack allows you to pin or hide a saved search in the left sidebar thus configuring which saved searches will be always shown or hided.

By default, the following types of saved searches will be 'pinned' to the sidebar:

  • the ones created by you (both personal and shared)
  • default shared tags and saved searches in YouTrack ('Assigned to me', 'Reported by me', and 'Commented by me')

For more details please refer to the Quick Start Guide. Customizing Sidebar.

Deleting a saved search

To delete an existing saved search:

  1. Open Edit saved search dialog.
  2. In the dialog, click Delete saved search button:
  3. Press OK to confirm deletion.

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