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Creating New Issues in YouTrack

To create a new issue from within YouTrack:

  1. In YouTrack, press Alt+Ins (Ctrl+N for Mac) or click the New Issue button in the top toolbar. The New Issue area displays:
  2. Select a project to report an issue using the Project drop-down list.
  3. Enter issue summary and description in corresponding text fields. You can use special wiki syntax for formatting issue description. For detailed syntax reference, click wiki markup link.
  4. Specify issue attributes, including type, priority, subsystem etc., using any of the following ways:
    • With attribute buttons just below the Description text field.
    • Using the Command window where you can specify any attributes in a single command. To call the Command window, press Ctrl+Alt+J.
  5. To attach an image to the new issue, click Attach in the toolbar and choose any of the four options that it provides. For details, see To attach a file or screenshot to a new issue below.
  6. Do one of the following:
    • To submit the new issue, press Ctrl+Enter or click Submit.
    • To save draft of the issue and close the New Issue area without submitting the issue, press Esc or click Cancel. The hidden issue will be restored the next time you choose to create a new issue.
    • To discard the issue without saving or submitting it, click Clear.

Attaching a File or Screenshot to a New Issue

To attach a file or screenshot to an issue, click Attach in YouTrack toolbar, and select one of the following four options:

For more details about attaching files or screenshots to an issue, please refer to the Quick Start Guide. Adding Attachments to an Issue.

To Edit an Existing Issue

You can edit an existing issue using two alternative techniques:

  • Navigate to an issue in the list of issues, and press F2 to display the Issue Area. Proceed with changing issue summary, description and/or attributes.
  • Navigate to a single issue, or select several issues by pressing Space at each issue, and press any alphabetic key to open the Command Window. In the Command Window, specify new values for attributes of selected issue(s), and press Ctrl+Enter or click Submit to submit changes.