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Configuring Integration Between TestLink and YouTrack

To integrate YouTrack with TestLink:

  1. Log in to your TestLink instance with administrator account.
  2. Open System > Issue Tracker Management page and click Create button.
  3. In the Create configuration dialog, type in a name for the new configuration and select youtrack (interface: rest) in the Type drop-down list.
  4. In the Configuration field, you should provide the following configuration info:
    • Valid credentials to log in to YouTrack. To be able to link already existing issues from YouTrack to TestLink cases, this user need to have "Read issues" permission in all needed YouTrack projects, but to be able to create new issues in YouTrack directly from TestLink, the user must have "Create issue" permission in the target YouTrack project, and this project's ID must be specified in the configuration.
    • The baseURL of your YouTrack instance. Please note, that the URL must not end with the '/' (slash symbol)!
    • Optionally, you can specify an ID of a project, to which issues created in TestLink should be added. If no projectID specified, then you will be able to link existing issues to TestLink cases, only.
  5. Click Save when you're done, and that's it!

Below, you will find the configuration template you can use for configuration. You can also click the Show configuration example link next to the Type drop-down list to show similar config example right in the configuration dialog.


As long as the configuration is provided by TestLink developers, they can change the template at any time without additional notification. Thus, we recommend to check your configuration with the TestLink configuration example.


There was a known problem when the configuration copied from the example provided in TestLink was not processed correctly. This error was caused by a '/' and '--->' (instead of valid '-->' closing comment tag) symbols in comments. If you encounter a problem, first of all please check that this is not the case. To ensure, you might want to delete all the comments in the script for good. (smile)

Using Integration Between TestLink and YouTrack

When the integration is successfully configured, log in to TestLink and execute one of test cases. When the test case has been executed, access to bug management system (in our case to YouTrack instance) will be available:

After clicking the icon, the following window will be opened:

If you already have an issue number, you can use it, otherwise click on the link to access YouTrack, opening a new window. For the first time, you will be redirected to the Dashboard, prompting to log in with your own credentials in order to be able to create a new issue:

If you are already logged in to YouTrack, you will be redirected to the New Issue form immediately:

After having created the issue, you return to TestLink window to add the issue id. Click Add bug after specifying issue id:

Clicking on Close, you return to execute screen, with the link to specified issue displayed:

The link also shows the current state of the issue. Clicking on link, you will get to the apropriate issue:

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