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Before you begin:


Please note that if you try to re-import same project several times, then you must delete previously imported data before the next attempt.

Importing Issues from FogBugz

This document covers importing issues from a FogBugz instance to YouTrack server using the Python Client Library.

Version compatibility note

Current implementation of the Python Client Library and scripts is compatible with YouTrack 3.x and 4.x REST API and Python 2.6. If you use YouTrack 2.x, please refer to YouTrack Release Downloads Archive for the YouTrack 2.x compatible versions of the library and scripts.

To import issues from a FogBugz server to YouTrack:

  1. Download the latest version of YouTrack's Python Client Library and unzip it.
  2. Ensure that Python is installed in your system.
  3. In the mapping file, specify names of the FogBugz projects to be imported in YouTrack as follows:
    You can either specify the comma-separated list of projects to be imported in the default mapping file or create a new mapping file. The new mapping file should be created in the <library install directory>\python\fbugz directory.
  4. FogBugz allows its users to create new categories for issues. If you have defined any categories in your FogBugz instance, then to import issues successfully you have to correct the default mapping file (or created new one (see the previous step of this procedure)) to set the correspondence between categories in FogBugz and YouTrack issue's attributes.
  5. If you have created a new mapping file, you should specify a path to it in the script file. In this case, don't forget to comment out the default mapping file.
  6. Execute the following command:
    The following command-line parameters should be provided:




    An URL to a target YouTrack server you want to import issues to.


    Username to log into the target YouTrack server.


    Password to log in to the target YouTrack server.


    An URL to a source FogBugz server, from which you want to import issues.


    Username to log in to a source FogBugz server.


    Password to log in to the source FogBugz server.


    This parameter defines the maximum issue id to import. In FogBugz issues are sequentially numbered through all projects, that is, for example, issue-1 belongs to project-1, issue-2 – to project-2, and issue-3 — to project-1. By defining max_issue_id you specify the range of issue IDs in FogBugz, which will be searched for issues belonging to specific projects (specified in the mapping file), and then imported to YouTrack.

Note About Issues with HTML Content

YouTrack does not render an HTML content in FogBugz issues, so HTML content in imported issues will be displayed as source HTML code with all tags. For example: