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Ctrl + Space
Code completion
Ctrl + W
Select successively increasing code blocks
Ctrl + Shift + W
Decrease current selection to previous state
Alt + Enter
Show intention actions
Ctrl + Alt + T
Surround with...
Ctrl + Up
Select current node or extend selection to parent node
Ctrl + X/ Shift + Delete
Cut current line or selected block to buffer
Ctrl + C / Ctrl + Insert
Copy current line or selected block to buffer
Ctrl + V / Shift + Insert
Paste from buffer
Ctrl + D
Duplicate current line or selected block
Shift + F5 Clone root

Usage/Text Search

Alt + F7
Find usages
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F7 Highlight cell dependencies
Ctrl + Shift + F6 Highlight instances
Ctrl + Shift + F7 Highlight usages
Ctrl + F Find text


Ctrl + B / Ctrl + Click Go to declaration
Ctrl + N Go to root node
Alt + Right/Left Go to next/previous editor tab
Esc Go to editor (from tool window)
Shift + Esc Hide active or last active window
Ctrl + E Recent nodes popup
Ctrl + Alt + Left/Right Navigate back/forward
Ctrl + F4 Close active editor tab
Alt + 2 Go to inspector


F6 Move
Alt + Delete Safe Delete
Shift + F6 Rename


Alt + #[0-9]
Open corresponding tool window
Ctrl + Shift + F12 Toggle maximizing editor
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