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Check YouTrack Supported Environments page for supported servlet containers.

The general idea of using WAR distribution within a servlet container and Apache Web server is quite simple:

  1. Deploy youtrack-xx.war in your servlet container.
  2. Set up YouTrack in a servlet container (configure ports, connectors, etc.)
  3. Connect servlet container and Apache Web Server: set a port Apache should listen to for allowing users to access YouTrack, set up connectors, etc.

These general steps will vary depending your servlet container specifics. Please refer to your container documentation for details.

For details and specifics of using and configuring Apache Web Server, please refer to its documentation space.

as an example, we provide here sample simplified procedure of configuring and running YouTrack within Tomcat servlet container and Apache HTTP Server.

YouTrack within Tomcat and Apache HTTP Server

To configure running YouTrack within Tomcat and Apache HTTP Server:

  1. Deploy youtrack-xx.war in Tomcat servlet container:
    1. If you run Tomcat (e.g. as a Windows service), stop Tomcat instance before deploying YouTrack.
    2. Save youtrack-xx.war in the $TOMCAT_HOME$/webapps directory. Rename youtrack-xx.war file as required before deploying. In the further examples we assume that the YouTrack servlet name is set to youtrack.war.
    3. Start Apache Tomcat and check whether YouTrack is set up correctly and is available (in a web browser navigate to http://yourserver:<Tomcat port>/youtrack).
  2. To connect Tomcat with a web server (in our particular case with Apache HTTP Server), install and configure mod_jk Tomcat connector. Apache provide detailed How-Tos for different web servers. Please refer to The Apache Tomcat Connector - Apache HowTo for detailed description of configuring connectors between Apache HTTP server and Tomcat.

When done, you should be able to access YouTrack via your company'e web server at, e.g. address.

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