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No subsystem

IDEA-122091 (Usability Problem) Scratch editor > Save as: provide default directory
IDEA-98912 (Usability Problem) An Enter license button should be added to the welcome screen
IDEA-51883 (Bug) IDEA prints out huge number of pages
WEB-11346 (Bug) Bower version detection always fails
IDEA-123714 (Bug) almost 1 minute hang
IDEA-124454 (Bug) Code inspection reports no errors
WEB-10931 (Bug) Bower: synchronize changes on package Update
IDEA-123377 (Bug) Quick definition action on interface opens implementations at first
WEB-11701 (Bug) JSLint Assignment Option Showing as Error
WEB-12024 (Bug) Can't create Express project with Hogan.js and session support
IDEA-124057 (Bug) SSL Handshake failure
WEB-11268 (Bug) Live Templates in auto-completion interfere with Emmet/Zen expand
IDEA-123444 (Bug) Item “more…” on Search Everywhere does not work
IDEA-123529 (Bug) No Retina Icon for Changed File
IDEA-115374 (Bug) "Print file" truncates the code on Mac
IDEA-124096 (Bug) Commit dialog: Ctrl+Alt+P doesn't invoke the Commit action popup on Java 7 & 8
WEB-11736 (Bug) Bad definition of HTMLDocument.querySelector
IDEA-123959 (Exception) cannot create a new file
WEB-12013 (Exception) IAE at com.intellij.lang.javascript.dialects.JSLanguageLevel.ofId
WEB-12014 (Exception) IAE at com.intellij.lang.javascript.dialects.JSLanguageLevel.ofId

Build tools

WEB-11936 (Feature) Grunt: add Restart button to Grunt console
WEB-11713 (Feature) Grunt feedback
WEB-11326 (Task) Map help id to the Grunt tool window
WEB-11955 (Bug) Grunt task grunt-contrib-clean does not show sub-tasks
WEB-11956 (Bug) The grunt plugin is not using the NODE_PATH environment variable
WEB-11707 (Bug) Grunt: tasks targets should be shown in Search Everywhere
WEB-11795 (Bug) Grunt: verbose and force options are disabled while indexing


WEB-11278 (Performance Problem) Bad performance expanding emmet
WEB-11910 (Bug) Autoformatting on @import statement can break media query

Code Analysis. Inspection

IDEA-122414 (Bug) Boolean expression simplification changes behavior of the code.


WEB-11947 (Bug) Some problems with Dart cmd line app and DartUnit run configurations
WEB-11196 (Bug) 'export' directives are handled incorrectly. Was: Code navigation doesn't work for files in different folders
WEB-11461 (Bug) Dart: In debugger all objects has the same id
WEB-12120 (Bug) Сurrent line of code is not highlighted when debugging Dart project that has spaces in path
WEB-10524 (Bug) Dart does not observe export library files
WEB-11685 (Bug) [Dart] Navigate should go to the source file rather than the packages folder (Path packages)


WEB-7303 (Feature) Add support for debugging with node-webkit
WEB-2100 (Bug) Node.js debug: value is truncated, but IDE does not suggest to see full value
WEB-11784 (Bug) slow nodejs debug: huge array cause 100 cpu debug
WEB-11392 (Bug) Node.js debugging: Copy Value doesn't copy the entire string
WEB-6069 (Bug) CoffeeScript Debugger doesn't show value of the variables
WEB-11399 (Bug) Live Console: variables defined in the console are not autocompleted (global context)
IDEA-121445 (Bug) Incomplete breakpoint background highlighting
WEB-11133 (Bug) JS Debugger: Variables view is not properly updated after setting value


IDEA-123286 (Bug) Incorrect diff for range revert

Editor. Editing Text

IDEA-124527 (Bug) Shift-drag after Shift-click starts new selection in editor
IDEA-122405 (Bug) Indent selection is disabled in IDEA 13.1

File System

IDEA-123354 (Bug) IDEA 13.1.2 EAP hangs on Project load

File Watchers

WEB-11689 (Bug) SASS/SCSS partials ignored by file watcher
WEB-11517 (Bug) Custom file watcher doesn't watch changes in SASS partials
WEB-11638 (Bug) Less File Watcher dependency tracking does not work as expected
WEB-10884 (Exception) PhpStorm crashes on copying folder in project tree

Find, Replace, Find Usages

IDEA-122383 (Bug) PageUp/PageDown don't work in ShowUsages popup (Ctrl-Alt-F7)


WEB-11046 (Feature) Inspection for letter case in HTML (esp. for AngularJS)
WEB-11877 (Bug) Emmet transforms escaped $ to 0 (zero)


RUBY-15187 (Bug) File -> New command is disabled when editing a file

IDE Configuration

IDEA-103016 (Bug) Tooltip/label for Toggle Fullscreen Button in Main Toolbar is inverted compared to 'real' status


IDEA-123467 (Performance Problem) 100% CPU when working with PHP and/or Node.js dependencies
WEB-11892 (Bug) es6 Array comprehensions - Good code red
WEB-11941 (Bug) WebStorm 8 locks the JS file if it see ES6 Types
WEB-11497 (Bug) window.getComputedStyle does not require two arguments.
WEB-11683 (Bug) JSDoc: Generic type attributes are not correctly propagated to base classes
WEB-12054 (Bug) Good code red - es6 Multiline String Templates
WEB-11980 (Bug) Good code red - es6 double for
WEB-11859 (Bug) Custom reference providers for JSON language are broken

JavaScript. Frameworks

WEB-11834 (Bug) IIS ACL Permissions when creating foundation/bootstrap projects from templates
WEB-11449 (Bug) Cannot search for usages on AngularJS directive definition

JavaScript. Predefs

WEB-10200 (Bug) Add document.head attribute to DHTML.js

JavaScript. Templates

WEB-11969 (Exception) AngularJS conflicts with Handlebars/Mustaches

Live Edit

WEB-11393 (Bug) Live edit doesn't work for linked css


WEB-11823 (Bug) Trying to create a new Node.js Express App - Error: Wrong Express Generator
WEB-11993 (Bug) Node.js Plugin: relative module path can't be resolved in `require` call
WEB-11566 (Bug) Multi-instance run configuration of Node.js

Run | Debug configuration

IDEA-102508 (Bug) error status of run configuration is not updated after fix


WEB-11783 (Bug) Compass' image-url helper highlighted by inspector
WEB-11632 (Bug) Incorrect SCSS syntax highlighting for placeholder selector with pseudo-class


WEB-11690 (Bug) TypeScript breakpoint is not hit

Unit Tests

WEB-11942 (Bug) karma coverage doesn't work after changing Content Root
WEB-11314 (Bug) cucumber.js configuration params

User Interface

IDEA-123360 (Usability Problem) Sheet dialogs should have minimum size
IDEA-123230 (Cosmetics) html code visible in updated plugin disabled warning
IDEA-120989 (Cosmetics) Shared scope icon is confusing
IDEA-123402 (Bug) Sheet dialogs are too transparent, making it hard to read the content
IDEA-116029 (Bug) in-place introduce variable name suggestions popup disappears before I can select anything
IDEA-122851 (Bug) Mac Messages on Java 6: sometimes message doesn't get focus
IDEA-121539 (Bug) New Mac Messages: Yes/No messages have buttons in wrong order
IDEA-101642 (Bug) Floating windows disappear/change positions on dual monitor
IDEA-53663 (Bug) Middle-mouse (column) select also fires "Go to declaration"
IDEA-123519 (Bug) Sheet dialog: default button and focused buttons are incorrectly set
IDEA-122866 (Bug) 'Terminate the process after disconnect' checkbox is switch off by default
IDEA-122869 (Bug) Change signature: unreadable message
IDEA-122852 (Bug) Mac Messages: underscore (broken mnemonic) on some buttons
IDEA-123017 (Bug) Mac sheet-dialogs do not correctly handle line breaks

Version Control

IDEA-67409 (Usability Problem) Home/End keys are not working in Git log (Changes view)
IDEA-119996 (Performance Problem) IDEA 13.0.2 slow performance

Version Control. Git

IDEA-122626 (Bug) Can not generate API Token when configuring Github server
IDEA-98189 (Bug) If the password to an HTTP server has changed, authentication fails, and there is no way to change or at least reset the password from the IDE
IDEA-122305 (Bug) Git: Log: Structure filter shows all available commits regardless provided paths
IDEA-124081 (Exception) Git: IAE at git4idea.commands.GitHandler.checkNotStarted

Version Control. Mercurial

IDEA-123647 (Bug) Mercurial merge fail

Version Control. Perforce

IDEA-123507 (Bug) Perforce stays offline when some directories outside of perforce workspace are added


WEB-11902 (Task) Spy-js: map help ID for RC and tool window
WEB-12072 (Bug) Spy-JS does not apply CORS headers from proxy
WEB-11934 (Bug) Spy-js: event should be reported identically from all browsers
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